Action Day for Biodiversity

Dear parents/guardians,


As part of our application for our fifth Green School Flag, LSP will be having an Action Day for Biodiversity on Thursday February 7th. This whole school day will be dedicated to completing work on Biodiversity, Irish Biodiversity in particular.


As part of that day we will be having a Biodiversity Parade.  Each child in the school is being asked to dress up as an Irish Native Species (bird, mammal, underwater life, mini beast/flower/tree/plant etc).  This could include a costume, a hairstyle, face painted etc.  Their homework on Wednesday 6th will be to organise their ‘look’ for Thursday.  Pupils from First to Sixth are asked to write two sentences explaining what they are dressed up as.  If you would like to attend the parade it will be on in the halla at 9:00.  We would just remind you all that under Child Protection Guidelines no photographs/recordings are permitted.


For example a pupil may write:

  • ‘I am a Native Irish Honey Bee.  It is important to preserve our bees because they help with pollination’, (it might be a yellow and black stripy t-shirt, it might be a bee costume, it might be any yellow and black clothes, it might be a homemade bee necklace with pictures of bee’s stuck on)
  • ‘I am wearing a red t-shirt with black spots.  (you could stick the black spots on with blu-tack so as not to damage the t-shirt, black and red ribbons in hair could also work as a ladybird) .  I am a ladybird’.
  • ‘I am a Red Admiral Butterfly.  I like to eat over ripe fruit’ (you can look like any kind of a butterfly – even if it is just add a pair of wings, you could have your face painted as a butterfly, and then just choose the name of a Native Irish Species)
  • ‘I am an Oak Tree.  I have acorns in my hair’,
  • ‘I sprayed my hair gold and am wearing wings because I am a goldfinch.  I like to eat at bird feeders in your garden’.  etc etc. 


It can be as simple or as dramatic as you choose.  We really would appreciate your help with this as it will help increase awareness of Native Irish Species and will also be lots of fun.  We won’t be doing the crazy hat/hair/sock day later in the term, just in case there is anyone concerned that we will be looking for this kind of effort again later on in the term.


We would also ask on that day that you make a big effort with waste free lunches.  This is something that we always promote in school and would love if an extra special effort could be made on the day and perhaps serve as a reminder of the importance of this going forward.  Please see poster on Green Schools Notice board/post on the school website if you want more information on this.


Many thanks, The Green School Committee.