Aistear: The Doctor’s Surgery!

Junior Infants are currently working on the theme of the Doctor’s Surgery. Our stations are changing every week and we have a lot of work covered with loads more left to do!

Last week we constructed ambulances using mobilo. They travelled very quickly and had sirens on top to warn traffic they were coming.

We used play-doh to make skeletons, chicken pox spots, bandages and plasters.

This week we have the following stations:

Role Play: The doctors and nurses are healing patients everyday. The receptionist is very busy with appointments.

Small World: The people of the community have been travelling to and from the hospital for check-ups. There have been some emergencies too!

Construction: Our challenge this week is to make the softiest, comfiest chairs for the waiting rooms. Some waiting rooms have featured vending machines for the patients while they wait.

Funky Fingers: Cutting and pasting tolls for the doctor’s bag has been a great success. Our funky fingers have been hard at work!

Literacy/Numeracy: We are using various tools to write and draw new bocabulary. We play word games with Ger and have great chats at this station.