An Nuacht – 12th June 2014

Timothy, a Masai warrior, visited junior infants.  He spoke about a new project, Become a Friend,  the school will participate in next year that links us with a Masai school.

Attached is a revised permission form.  Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to LSP in September 2014.

Down Syndrome Ireland will take place on Friday 13th June from 11-2.10 in the halla. €2 per child for ice cream and a drink with all proceeds going to Down Syndrome Ireland.

We are collecting old phones. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Please return photograph proofs with money as soon as possible so that Eamonn Andrews can get orders out before the holidays & juniors/Rang VI order & pay for class photos.

The new PTA committee met on Monday the 9th of June for their first meeting after being elected at the AGM on May 28th. The newly elected officers for the coming year are: Chairperson – Pat Fitzpatrick, Secretary – Rachel Thunder, Treasurer – Paul Wright and Teacher Rep – Jenni Oakley. The committee would like to thank the outgoing Chairperson Sarah McCord and Treasurer Mary Hughes for their hard work over the last few years and looks forward to building on the work that has been carried out.

We are going to have a fundraiser for the school and Educate Together.  Matt has agreed to accept one challenge that the will take on during the last week of the school year.  The challenge will be determined by the children, parents and others.  Four buckets will be on display in the foyer each morning next week.  Families can put in coins and notes to show their vote.  Each day the amounts will be totalled and posted.  At the end of the week on Friday, the winning challenge will be announced.  Please remember that all the money collected will support LSP and Educate Together.  Thanks to children in 2nd, 3rd and 6th classes who suggested many ideas.  Below are the four challenges:

  1. Matt’s hair will be dyed pink and green.
  2. Matt will play basketball one-on-one against Michelle and members of the school teams.  If Matt scores, he can squirt the crowd with water.  If the other person scores, a group of people can squirt Matt with water.
  3. Each class will choose two questions, and if Matt can’t answer at least 50% of the questions, he will have to buy ice cream for all the children in the school.
  4. Matt will complete an obstacle course relay race on a space hopper, trying to navigate the obstacles while carrying buckets of water and slime.