An Nuacht – 16th October 2014

Second class making monsters in the style of Pablo Picasso

Thanks to everyone who contributed to White Envelope Week so far. Unfortunately it has been down a fair bit since last year. Louise will be collecting envelopes again in the classes tomorrow and from Monday on they can be dropped into the office. To enable the running of our school we are asking that you contribute what you can to our White Envelope Week (WEW). While it costs €672 per pupil to run the school, the Department of Education currently gives us only €388. Please give whatever you can afford. Receipts will be issued next week.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) News.EDUCATE TOGETHER SECONDARY SCHOOL INFORMATION NIGHT. Niall Wall, Educate Together Regional Development Officer will give a presentation on the Educate Together Second Level Program and the steps needed to establish a Start Up Group here in Limerick. Thursday 23rd Oct, Limerick School Project, 7pm.Notices have been sent home in you child’s schoolbag or check out for further information

We are collecting old phones again this year. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Swimming Star

My name is Emily McNamara and I’m in 6th class.

I love swimming and I’m in Limerick Swimming Club.

I swim five times a week:

Monday and Tuesday nights

Tuesday morning before school from 6-7am

Fridays and Saturdays.

I take part in swimming competitions which are great fun.

I feel that I am improving a lot because I work really hard for it.

Bualadh Bos Festival

Bualadh Bos festival was a great hit with all the classes. It was on in the Belltable, Lime Tree theatre and Mary I halla and there was storytelling, plays and puppets.

Second class went to see ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ in the Belltable last Friday. It was a one man show which we loved because we used our imaginations to imagine the characters and the castle!

4th class went to ‘The Tragic life of Cheeseboy’ yesterday. It was about a boy called Cheeseboy and he lives on cheese. A meteor hits his planet and it goes up in flames, he has a boat and goes into it. It brings him to a place where he is determined to find his parents. He then finds gypsies& decides to tag along. Then one day he finds the boat and thinks his parents are on board, so he decides to send them a letter and makes it into a boat. However, at the end of the story he finds out his parents didn’t survive the meteor crash.

We thought it was really different to other plays. It was in a tent. It has great special effects. We thought it was very sad, but sometimes funny. By Emre & Emily

Mental Health Awareness Week

In third we celebrated Mental Health Awareness by become aware of and appreciating silence, of listening to our body and recognising our emotions. We drew pictures of our ‘internal chest of drawers’ and labelled the drawers with emotions we regularly feel, both positive and negative. We did relaxation exercise and learned to become more aware of our breathing and discussed correct ways to breathe.

In fourth class we did a meditation exercise where we looked up on youtube mediation for kids. We sat down comfortably and the man on youtube said to dream that we were in a hot air balloon and we were floating in the sky. The clouds tasted like candy floss. We went to the Zoo and got our favourite animal to come with s and we broght the animal wherever she/he wanted togo. It was really good and made us feel calm, comfortable, relaxed, tranquil and it was a break from regular work.

National Parenting Week

National Parenting Week takes place from 20th – 26th October 2014

Parenting Limerick is launching a website called

There will be a Positive Parenting Gathering on Wednesday 22nd October , 10.30am – 12.30pm in the City Library, The Granary, Michael Street and all parents, carers and children are welcome.

See the posters in the windows of LSP.

  Second class making monsters in the style of Pablo Picasso