An Nuacht, 2nd May 2019

Phone: 412994 



Volume 19 Issue 29

Thursday 2nd May 2019


School is closed on Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th May 


Term 3 Red Envelope Week – letters going home in schoolbags today.


Please check your child’s hair for head lice and take appropriate action if needed.


School Milk can be ordered for Term 3. Cost €14.50 per child. Names and money to office by tomorrow afternoon


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child/ren will not be returning to LSP in September. 


We ask that parents plan holidays outside term time. The school cannot give ‘permission’ for holiday absences during term time. We strongly discourage parents from taking students on holidays during term time If a parent decides to take a child out of school for holidays, we request the parent to provide a letter to the school to say they are doing so and are aware of the implications. We remind parents of the educational and potential legal impact of removing students from school for periods of time


A reminder to those of you who may have forgotten to return your Tax Rebate forms to do so as soon as possible please


Please ensure we have up to date contact details/address etc for your child



Dear PTA,

The children of third class would like to thank you all for helping paint the yard. It now looks like a happier place. The yard is more organised because of all the lines showing us where to go. Thank you for making it easier for us to play games. We can play basketball outside when it is a nice day. You chose lovely colours for the lines. Thank you for saving the school money for chalk that we used to draw the lines with. We really appreciate the time that you gave our school to do the job. Thank you for adding colour and happiness to our yard. From 3rd Class


Thank you to the PTA and volunteers who came in over the holidays to paint the Senior Yard.  Our yard is now colourful which makes us happy.  The Four Square lines were badly needed as our chalk lines were uneven and could fade or be washed away which was bad for the environment.  This saves the school money on buying chalk.  It also saves us time to enjoy more games on yard.  The basketball lines were needed for matches as they had faded too.  This will help us play our matches.  Thank you from Fifth Class

We want to thank the PTA for all their magnificent work they did over the Easter holidays, such as painting the lines in the yard and planting more plants. It really helps to see where we can run and it helps the basketball team to see a good court. Once again a big thank you to the PTA. As it is our last term in LSP, it means a lot to us and we are hugely grateful. 6th Class


Thank you to the PTA and parents for helping to paint the yard during Easter. We really appreciate your help. The yard looks fabulous because of the beautiful colours and brightness. Thank you for your help. 4th Class