An Nuacht, Thursday 28th June

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Volume 18 Issue 38

June 28th 2018



School will close at 12 noon on Friday 29th June – summer holidays & will re-open @ 8.30am on Thursday 30th August. Please let us know if you will not be here before end of school or on start day in August


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child won’t be returning to school next September.


All unclaimed lost property will be given to charity next week.


The school office will be open from 9am-3pm for the next couple of weeks. A notice will be put up regarding closing and re-opening dates.



Do you have a baby or toddler at home that you intend sending to LSP? Please ensure that Louise has an enrolment form on file and check what number your child is. Siblings have right of entry only if enrolled before their first birthday.



Please ensure we have up to date contact details including Eircode


One World Pre-school will be opening in September 2018 at 80 Henry Street. ECCE free pre-school places available. Contact Suzanne or Emma 087 3876132.


June 2018


As the school year draws to a close, many thanks to every member of the LSP community from staff members to parents and to the children who have all contributed to making this a fantastic year.

Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the hard work & efforts put in by:

 Class teachers: Antonia, Emer, Claire, Áine, Jenni, Cathy, Mairead, Lorraine and Orla Moloney.

Support teachers: Mary, Lise, Ger, Collette & Karen

 SNAs: Rebecca, Anne & Fintan

Ancillary staff: Louise & Michal.

Michal took over from Ger Griffin and he has done a fantastic job keeping the school in such great condition. The painting in the halla is an amazing job and a credit to Michal.

 I’d like to give a special mention to Jenni who, as Deputy Principal, has been a great support in managing the school, quite often behind the scenes. The entire staff has worked extremely hard this year to keep LSP, the special school it is.


We are sorry to see Collette Neville move on to pastures new this autumn. Collette joined LSP 28 years ago, just a year after the school opened, and taught so many LSP pupils throughout that time. She taught every age group from Juniors to 6th class, worked on the SEN team, job shared on many occasions and shared her time between LSP and other schools. Collette worked through flooded buildings, shared teaching spaces and mouldy walls of the Red Cross and Exchange buildings and helped us move into our present school building. No project was ever too big or too much work for her and she carried the rest of the staff along with her enthusiasm and no nonsense approach. She has served on several Boards of Management, PTA committees, Ethos & Executive committees, Fundraising teams and has also been part of the In School Management team over the years.

 Collette has given so much of herself to Limerick School Project and I do hope that she has gained from her association with and time in the school.

Personally, we have shared so much as teaching colleagues, parents and most of all friends. Limerick School Project will certainly not be the same without Collette and while we are so sad at her departure, we are excited at her plans for the next phase of her career. No doubt, wherever Collette lands she will get stuck in and the teacher/organiser will break out in no time. We wish you all the best Collette and thank you for all that you have given the entire LSP community since the beginning.



The Board of Management meets once a month throughout the school year and does a huge amount of work to provide a safe, clean and well resourced school for our children and staff. The BoM oversees the running of the school and ratifies the policies put in place to ensure the health, safety & wellbeing as well as the educational progress of the pupils & staff. It is due to the BoM that every child gets the opportunity to learn basketball skills weekly and that no child loses out on school time activities, class treats or a forgotten lunch. Thank you to all the members of the BoM for your invaluable support and hard work throughout the year.



The Parent Teacher Association

I would like to acknowledge the projects that the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has undertaken during this school year 2017-2018.

As a result of their efforts the children have availed of Zumba lessons (a huge success), a lovely planted and seating area in the yard, classroom resources, a portable projector and the Blue Box services. All this has added to the facilities and services provided for the children of LSP. The PTA held two very successful fairs – Winter and Spring Fairs.

Thanks to all the parents of the school for all you do at home and in school on behalf of your child & the entire school community. We are very fortunate to have such a fantastic group of parents.

And above all, many thanks to the children of LSP for making the past year a good one!


The staff members for next year are as follows:

 Rebecca Henry

               Anne Fitzgerald

               Fintan Harold

               Antonia Buckley

             Emer O’Gara

                Claire McInerney

             Jenni Oakley

             Cathy Keyes

             Mairead Hayden

                Lorraine Cullivan

                Orla Moloney

                Lise Du Toit

                Mary Gallagher

               Ger O’Connell

               Karen Gleeson

               Louise O’Connor

               Michal Zagdanski



Third Class Show

Third Class performed 'Hits From the Year, Seuss Style' recently. It was a great success and so entertaining. We had music, dancing, great jokes and lots of fun watching it. Well done to you all, especially Cathy for all the hard work.


Variety Show

Thanks to Jenni & the School Council for arranging the Variety show. Every class produced two performances and the show was very entertaining. It's one of the highlights of the year.


Sixth Class Show

Orla Moloney and 6th class put so much work into their show and Graduation ceremony and entertained the whole school and their parents on several occasions lately. Well done to you all and best of luck for the future. Please keep in touch.

And above all, many thanks to the children of LSP for making the past year a good one.


Finally, have a lovely summer break, have fun but keep safe and return full of energy to start another school year in LSP.


Orla McCoy