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An Nuacht – 26th June 2014

It has been my sincere privilege to be a part of this most special school community for the past 11 years.  I’ve have learned so much and been changed for the good through each and every interaction with the fantastic pupils, parents and staff of Limerick School Project.  My sincere thanks to Richard and the other members of the Board of Management for their support over the past three years.  Sincere thanks to Orla, who as Deputy was such an immense support and friend.  I’m delighted to be passing the torch to such a capable person.  I am grateful for all the kindness and hard work of all the staff members, past and present.  Big thanks to the staff this year including Jenni, Mairéad, Emer, Antonia, Cathy, Ger, Claire, Karen, Collette, Mary, Lise, Aidan, Sinéad, Rebecca, Anne, Siobhán, Louise, Ger and Michelle for your tireless work over this year.  I’m thankful for the incredible support of the parent community of this school who have made so many invaluable contributions towards making this a truly democratic and vibrant school.  Finally, to the children: you are the most amazing people who have taught me as much, if not more, than I could ever teach you.  Your energy, your enthusiasm and your curiosity are boundless.  I look forward to keeping a strong connection with the school far into the future.  I wish everyone a very safe and happy summer! – Matt

We will finish up the year tomorrow Friday, 27th June with a whole-school assembly beginning at 11. Children will be dismissed at noon.

Please read the review of the busy year!

It is with sadness that we will bid farewell to Siobhán, who has worked in our school as an SNA for the past six years.  She has been a great support to children and staff over the years, and we wish her the very best.  We also thank Sinéad who replaced Aidan this year on a temporary capacity in a most admirable and competent way.

The new website is ready.   All going well, it will be live most likely by tomorrow.  The address will be the same.  There are lots of new features, and it will be regularly updated with the latest information on the homepage.  There is a facility to pre-enrol online, all information about the school is there and there is an online calendar to which you may subscribe.  Please get into the habit of checking it often!

Catholic Religious Education: Registration will take place for school year 2014-2015on Tuesday 30th September 2014 @ 6.30pm in LSP. This is especially important for children starting in Rang I in September. Louise has flyers in office or you can email

The staff members for next year are as follows:
Principal: Orla McCoy
Junior Infants: Jenni Oakley
Senior Infants: Emer O’Gara
1st Class: To be announced
2nd Class: Antonia Buckley
3rd Class: Cathy Keyes
4th Class: Mairéad Hayden
5th Class: Claire McInerney
6th Class: Collette Neville & Karen Gleeson
Learning Support and Resource Teachers: Lise du Toit, Mary Gallagher, Ger O’Connell and one other teacher to be announced

The hiring of the two new teachers will take place over the summer.  As soon as this is complete, we will announce this on our website and a text to the parents of first class.

 In April we spent: LS/RT €177, minor works €1,280 (assembly of basketball courts & remove old, transported to dump, recycled old hoops fitted to wall in school yard), maintenance item €200, (window cleaning, keys cut, unblock sink), bank charges €94, cleaning & kitchen materials €200, pc €214, copier/printers leasing €842 (May-June 2014), Professional development courses €330, stationary & class materials €718, phone €115, refuse collection €192 (Feb & March payment), books €65, plants & seeds for garden €85. May Expenditure: roof leak repairs €2,425, general building maintenance €500 (fitting of 2 new doors, repairs, locks etc.), cleaning and kitchen materials €222, petty cash €89,  stationary & class materials €80, electricity 10 Jan-10 March 2014 €1,363, Airtricity heating March-April €1,434, phone €112 and art & craft €150.

We are collecting old phones. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Thanks to everyone who supported the recent Down Syndrome Ice-Cream Funday. A total of €433 was raised.

Can you please check if you have any Limerick City library books at home; they need to be returned to the mobile library. They can be dropped into office.

Third class performed a fantastic show about Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm fairy tales on Tuesday.  Well done on a super performance.

 IMG_1546 IMG_1488

An Nuacht – 19th June 2014

We will finish up the year next Friday, 27th June with a whole-school assembly beginning at 11.  Children will be dismissed at noon.

If you haven’t already, please return the permission slip regarding photos on our school website.  Be sure to indicate whether or not you are granting permission by crossing out one of the phrases.  The website will be launched next week!

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to LSP in September 2014.

We are collecting old phones. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Please return photograph proofs with money tomorrow so that Eamonn Andrews can get orders out before the holidays & juniors/Rang VI order & pay for class photos.

Can you please check if you have any Limerick City library books at home.  They need to be returned to the mobile library before the summer holidays. They can be dropped into office.

Boys navy zip up fleece hoodie, age 8, Dunnes Stores missing from the crèche two weeks ago. If you come across this please give it to Louise.

Please see attached minutes the May Board of Management meeting as well as the school’s Self-Evaluation Report on Literacy.

We are off to a good start with the fundraiser.  Tomorrow is the last day that you can put money in the appropriate container.  As it stands, the 2nd and 3rd challenges (the one-on-basketball match and the quiz) are leading, but it’s not too late for the other challenges as well.  A reminder that it is not the weight of the money but the value that will determine the winner.  Remember, all money will go to support our school and Educate Together.  The winner will be announced early Monday morning with the event taking place later next week.

Congratulations to the Boys’ Basketball team who beat Scoil Íde in the final last week!

An Nuacht – 12th June 2014

Timothy, a Masai warrior, visited junior infants.  He spoke about a new project, Become a Friend,  the school will participate in next year that links us with a Masai school.

Attached is a revised permission form.  Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to LSP in September 2014.

Down Syndrome Ireland will take place on Friday 13th June from 11-2.10 in the halla. €2 per child for ice cream and a drink with all proceeds going to Down Syndrome Ireland.

We are collecting old phones. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Please return photograph proofs with money as soon as possible so that Eamonn Andrews can get orders out before the holidays & juniors/Rang VI order & pay for class photos.

The new PTA committee met on Monday the 9th of June for their first meeting after being elected at the AGM on May 28th. The newly elected officers for the coming year are: Chairperson – Pat Fitzpatrick, Secretary – Rachel Thunder, Treasurer – Paul Wright and Teacher Rep – Jenni Oakley. The committee would like to thank the outgoing Chairperson Sarah McCord and Treasurer Mary Hughes for their hard work over the last few years and looks forward to building on the work that has been carried out.

We are going to have a fundraiser for the school and Educate Together.  Matt has agreed to accept one challenge that the will take on during the last week of the school year.  The challenge will be determined by the children, parents and others.  Four buckets will be on display in the foyer each morning next week.  Families can put in coins and notes to show their vote.  Each day the amounts will be totalled and posted.  At the end of the week on Friday, the winning challenge will be announced.  Please remember that all the money collected will support LSP and Educate Together.  Thanks to children in 2nd, 3rd and 6th classes who suggested many ideas.  Below are the four challenges:

  1. Matt’s hair will be dyed pink and green.
  2. Matt will play basketball one-on-one against Michelle and members of the school teams.  If Matt scores, he can squirt the crowd with water.  If the other person scores, a group of people can squirt Matt with water.
  3. Each class will choose two questions, and if Matt can’t answer at least 50% of the questions, he will have to buy ice cream for all the children in the school.
  4. Matt will complete an obstacle course relay race on a space hopper, trying to navigate the obstacles while carrying buckets of water and slime.


An Nuacht – 5th June 2014

We are delighted to announce that Orla McCoy has been appointed as the next Principal of Limerick School Project.  Orla has been Deputy Principal for the last 24 years and is looking forward to her new role.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to LSP in September 2014.

Down Syndrome Ireland Ice-cream Day will take place on Friday 13th June from 11-2.10 in the halla.  €3 per child for ice cream and a drink with all proceeds going to Down Syndrome Ireland.

School Sports Day takes place tomorrow here in the school.  Thanks in advance to all the parent volunteers who will be leading events tomorrow.

Many thanks to Séamus for the hurling training this year and in particular for organising a hurling blitz last week for 2nd and 3rd classes.  4th and 5th classes will have a hurling blitz next week.  A big thank you to everyone at Ballinacurra Gaels GAA for hosting these events.

A reminder that children are not allowed to wear flip-flops to school for safety reasons.

We are collecting old phones. Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Recently “Bishop Finian” visited third class as part of their drama unit related to their history unit on Early Christian Monasteries.


An Nuacht – 29th May 2014

School is closed Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd June.

Eamonn Andrews, photographer is in school tomorrow, Friday.  Please ensure you have your permission slip returned if you would like to have your photo taken.

Please inform us as soon as possible if your child will not be returning to LSP in September 2014.

We are collecting old phones.  Please bring them in to help get some IT equipment.

Many thanks to those who attended the PTA AGM yesterday.  A Committee for the coming school year was selected.  Two spaces will be available for incoming parents of the new class of junior infants.  Also, a representative from the Board of Management will also sit on the Committee.  The PTA Committee will select officers at their first meeting.  The following individuals will sit on the committee: John Byrne, Anne Cronin, Pat Fitzgerald, Mary Hughes, Hugh Kelly, Sarah McCord, Jenni Oakley, Rachel Thunder and Paul Wright.

The school calendar for 2014-2015 has been decided.  We hope this will help you plan in advance to ensure your child is able to attend school as much as possible.

The Boys’ Basketball Team won their semi-final match this week.  The Girls’ Basketball Team will play a semi-final on Wednesday.  The finals will take place on Thursday.

The final session of choir will take place on Thursday, 5th June.  We will have a short concert for families that afternoon at 14.45 in the halla.

Sports Day is scheduled for Friday, 6th June.  It will take place at school as we are unable to go to Mary I this year because of building works.  We look forward to a fun day!

Many classes were outside today enjoying the nice weather.  Junior infants played Snatch the Bacon, first class played rounders and the student council tended the garden.


An Nuacht – 22nd May 2014

School is closed on Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd June.

Thanks to everyone who returned their White Envelope, receipts have been issued.

If you have any old ipods, mobile phones (not touch screen) and in fairly good condition, could you please drop them to Louise.

The PTA AGM will be held on Wednesday 28th May at 6.30pm in the school.  All are welcome to attend.

This year’s Plant and Cake Sale was a great success. We raise over €1,200 and money is still coming in. We will let you know the final figures as soon as possible.  The weather was lovely and we hope everyone enjoyed the day. It’s impossible to thank everyone but extra special thanks must go to Sylvia who brought half her garden down to the school and spent the entire day in the LSP Garden section! Ger and Louise as always were a wonderful help and our thanks go to both of them. A huge thank you to everyone young and old who baked all the tasty treats and grew the beautiful plants, and to all who helped to manage the stalls for the day. Last but by no means least an extra big thank you to 5th Class who set up the Halla, sold all the treats and buns and tidied up after. Well done.

Eamonn Andrews, photographer will be in school on 30th May.  Consent forms have been sent out yesterday.

Well done to Rang VI who performed their play, ’As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare last Thursday evening.

Seniors got Talent!  Senior Infants showed off their songs, poems and dances in the halla yesterday. What super actors and dancers.


An Nuacht – 15th May 2014

Tomorrow is the Plant and Cake Sale.  Please consider baking tonight.  We’re particularly calling on families from Junior Infants to 3rd class who weren’t asked to bake for the Valentine’s Fair, but families from all the classes are welcome to bake for the sale.  Also, please come support this annual PTA event!

Thanks to everyone who returned their White Envelope and a gentle reminder to those who may have forgotten.  White Envelope Week (voluntary contributions) plays a very important role in maintaining our ongoing financial stability.  We are sincerely grateful for any contribution, no matter how small.  We receive only 60% of our annual spend from the Department of Education, and the generosity of parents over the many years has ensured we are able to continue to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all children.

There will be a PTA meeting next Monday night, the 19th of May, at 7pm at the school and all are welcome.  Agenda – Plant and Cake Sale Reflection and preparation of nominations for the upcoming AGM.

Sixth class will begin knitting classes starting on the week of 19th May.  We would really appreciate help from any experienced knitters who may be available.  We hope to have knitting classes on Wednesday afternoons, but this is flexible. If you are available to help let Collette or Karen know. Thank you.

Well done to everyone who represented LSP at the Limerick City Athletics Finals yesterday at UL.  Despite a rather wet and miserable day, the boys and girls placed well in their respective categories!  Certificates to the participants will be presented next week.

We had a wonderful visit from the Augsburg Choir to the school.  It was fantastic to have such wonderful young musicians singing in our school, and the interaction between the two choirs was great fun.  Peter Hendrickson, the conductor of the choir, wrote saying that the visit to LSP was one of the highlights of their tour.  It was also the highlight of the year for the LSP Choir and we are grateful for their willingness to visit the school!

Today 1st and 2nd Classes had the privilege of attending a fantastic show, Bláth, at the Lime Tree Theatre from the puppetry group Branar.