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We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year (2014-2015)

We have rooted through boxes of old photographs and found some which we will post here. Please feel free to share any old photographs with us by emailing us at and check out our Facebook group “LSP 25 Years and Counting”
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To the future and beyond with Limerick School Project


The Limerick School Project, National School, has launched a new book,Limerick School Project – The Next 25 Years and Beyond’. Compiled, written and illustrated by the children of the Limerick School Project under the guidance of their teachers, this book imagines school life in the future.

The celebrations this year of the Limerick School Project’s 25th anniversary has prompted many discussions about the lives of children at that time, compared to the present, and in turn, to the lives of the children of the future. The result of these discussions is the creation of a book that every child in the school has contributed to, in drawings, poems and stories.


Commenting on the book ‘Limerick School Project – The Next 25 Years and Beyond’ Principal Orla McCoy said:

this is much more than a collection of drawings and stories by the current pupils in the school – it embodies the energy and diversity of the pupils and teachers past and present, a vibrancy and imagination that bodes well for the future of LSP and equality based education in the city.


Jason Nash, Limerick College of Art and Design, was responsible for the overall design of the book, said:

“It’s always a lot of fun when working with children, they have very imaginative and creative minds…..coming up with great ideas and wacky inventions. That’s ideal for making a fun and exciting book and makes my work as a designer much more interesting.”


In 1986 the concept of a ‘multi-denominational, child-centred, co-educational and democratically run’ school was set in motion when a group of foresighted parents met in Cruises’ Hotel and the Limerick School Project was born. The school grew, over the years, from 56 pupils and 2 teachers to its present population of 220 pupils and 13 teachers. Now well established in O’Connell Avenue, during this school year of 2014-2015, the school is delighted to be celebrating 25 years of LSP.


‘Limerick School Project – the next 25 Years and Beyond’ is available for purchase for €10 from the school secretary 061 412994. All proceeds go towards the cost of printing the book. For further information about Limerick School project visit






Monday 9th February 2015



25 years ago the first students of new school Limerick School Project buried a time capsule with then Minister for Education Mary O’Rourke. This morning current Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan examined the contents of that capsule with today’s pupils of the school.


Established in 1989 with two teachers and 56 pupils, the Limerick School Project was originally located in the Old Red Cross building on Cecil Street. 25 years later the school has 221 pupils, 9 teachers and is located in a bright and airy purpose built building on O’Connell Avenue.


“The Limerick School Project has come a long way from its early days. And as we celebrate our 25th anniversary we pay tribute to the parents who started the school. It was thanks to their forward thinking, enthusiasm and determination that we have such a fine school today” says Principal Orla McCoy, who has been teaching at Limerick School Project since it first opened its doors 25 years ago.


In a welcome ceremony that included songs by the children and speeches from Minister O’Sullivan, Principal Orla McCoy, past pupil Adam Chapell, and Chairperson of the Board Richard Allen, the contents of the time capsule were displayed and examined. While the ravages of time had clearly affected the contents of the capsule, the children were eager to see the photos and notes left from their predecessors. Also included in the capsule were crisp packets, to represent the children’s favourite snack, chalk as the children 25 years ago thought that the schools of the future might not have chalk, and wool to represent the school’s knitting club.


Commenting on the visit to the school Minister O’Sullivan said “This is a very special school as it was the first of this kind where everybody from all different backgrounds come to learn together. I was here 25 years ago when the Limerick School Project first started and I remember when the time capsule was buried in the ground by then Minister Mary O’Rourke. I’m delighted as Minister for Education that I’m able to be here today to mark this special day.”


Minister O’Sullivan then announced that this was to be a no-homework day which was greeted with whoops and cheers from all the children.


Limerick School Project will have a number of events throughout the year to celebrate this important landmark for the school. On February 17th and 18th the pupils of the school are performing ‘The Magic of The Musicals’ in the Lime Tree Theatre. Tickets are just €10 and can be purchased from There will also be a re-union for former pupils taking place on 18th April in Dolan’s (18+). For further information about Limerick School Project visit


One World Day 2000

“One World Day” is often the answer given when pupils and past pupils are asked about their favourite events of their time in LSP. It is a day which is prepared for and planned for months in advance. Each class adopts a different country and spends months learning about the customs, traditions, culture and religion of that country. We celebrate One World Day every four years, our last One World Day was in April 2013.