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Trip to Westfields

4th and 5th Class went to Westfields on Monday with Geoff Hunt.

The first thing we saw at Westfields was reeds, which are the tallest grass in Ireland and we saw a bulrush. I found out that plants give water birds food, homes and oxygen. Water plants filter the water and help to keep it clean. Water plants include bulrush and reeds.

We got to look through binoculars, and we saw loads of birds like ducks, swans, pochard and a tufted duck. I found out that ducks and swans have webbed feet. Some ducks can dive underwater to eat underwater creatures. These include a pochard and a tufted duck. Dabbling ducks can not dive under water. These include a mallard and a shoveler.

Thanks to Geoff for being our guide and to Orla as well for coming along. Altogether, we had a great day.

By Brian



Show Racism the Red Card

Sara, a woman from the organisation, “Show Racism the Red Card” came in to talk to us about racism on Monday.

What is racism? We learned today that racism is treating someone badly, unfairly and unkindly because of their nationality, skin colour, religion or culture.

What should you do if someone is being racist? First, tell the person that that was not okay and not to do it again. Then comfort the person that was being racially abused. It should stop them, but if the person is still being racist, tell a teacher, parent or someone you trust.

After this lesson today I learned so much but I was also angry. How could people be so mean that they have to do or say something mean to someone because of who they are?

We are very grateful that Sara came in today. I hope I have taught you something today.

By Niamh M., 5th Class


Happy Holidays!


We went on a mystery tour today that ended at the park. There are lots of lovely decorations around the city. Check out our weatherproof ornaments on the tree that are made from recyclable materials.
We hope everyone has a happy, relaxing break with their family and friends.

Trip to Ardnacrusha Power Station and Parteen Weir

Today we went on a trip to Ardnacrusha and Parteen Weir. I’m going to tell you about some of the things I learned.

First we went to Parteen Weir, a fish hatchery. We learned about the life cycles of the Irish salmon and the European eel. We went to see all the male salmon in the tank. Tom caught a male salmon with a net. I didn’t really want to touch him because he didn’t look too appealing.

We went to see the female salmon. They were slightly smaller and had a different pattern. To get the eggs out, you have to put your hand around her gills and squeeze.

We then saw the babies, called the fry. We learned that they get microtagged and get a fin cut off so the people at Parteen Weir know that it’s one of their fish. We saw the men doing this. First they put them in a tub of anaesthetic so the fish don’t feel the operation.

We then got the bus to Ardnacrusha, and we had our lunch in the visitors’ centre. We watched a video about hydro-energy. We got dressed in high-vis jackets and helmets, and we climbed a lot of steps and stairs. We went inside a big room at the top of the building where they control the water electricity with flicks and stuff. That was my favourite part. It was very cool.

By Natali (5th Class)











Batty about Bats in Third Class

Today we had a visit from Elaine Keegan, a Conservation Ranger, from the National Parks and Wildlife Service. She gave us a super talk all about bats.

Here is a report that Julia wrote based on today’s talk:

Bats can eat over 3000 insects every night. There are 900 types of bats worldwide. There are 9 types of bat in Ireland. Bats are broken into two groups: Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera.



The biggest bat in the world is the Fruit Bat which is found in South America. The smallest bat in the world is the Bumble Bee Bat which is found in Thailand.



A baby bat is called a pup. Bats homes are called roosts. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. Bats are nocturnal and they hibernate. Bats usually roost in old houses, trees and caves. Bats use echolocation.










“The Amazing Potato” Party


Look at the variety of tasty dishes the students in 5th Class made for our potato party today. We could choose to either write a book review of “The Amazing Potato” or else make a potato dish to share with our classmates in school today. Most people chose to bring in something homemade, but some enthusiastic students cooked and wrote a review. For dessert, we did an apple tasting test in science.

Here are a couple of reviews of the book we read this month:



Third Class’ Thoughts on Mindfulness

“I like the glitter jar because it is relaxing when I have lots of thoughts going on in my mind”. Olive

“I liked the exercise in mindfulness when we tightened all our joints because it felt very relaxing after you untightened them. I would use this exercise for when I am trying to get to sleep”. Sam

“I liked mindfulness because it was very relaxing to sit down and not be stressed by doing maths. My favourite part was when we used the glitter jar.” Hazel

“I liked all of the mindfulness, like the ringing bells, the glitter jar, the yoga mat and the calm breathing”. Kane

“I thought the head and shoulders was good because we could do it and then stop and see how we were feeling. I like the bell ringing, that made me feel calm”. Adam

“I liked mindfulness because in school you don’t get to relax a lot and in mindfulness you can relax”. Nicky

“I like the glitter jar because I found it relaxing. I liked the bells because it is like I do not have to think about anything else”. Eilish

“I liked when we all lay down because it was very relaxing and I also liked when Donna rang the bells”. Diarmuid

“I loved mindfulness when the glitter jar came in, it was calming”. Ray

“This is why I loved mindfulness, because it was a time in the day where I could relax, and because Donna was so friendly. It definitely helped me become more mindful”. Julia

“I liked mindfulness because we got to relax during the school day”. Ben

“I like mindfulness because of the glitter jar because it relaxes my mind”. Natalie

“I liked mindfulness because heads, shoulders, knees and toes was fun, calm and you get exercise”. Princess

“It was very calming for me because when I fell and got hurt I was stressed. Thank you Donna”. Daniel

“I liked the glitter jar because it made me relax when my brain was very busy”. Termeh

“I liked the breathing exercise, it helped me when I got scared. It helped me calm down, I really enjoyed mindfulness. Thank you Donna”. Laura

“What I liked about mindfulness was that we got to lie down and do a mat exercise and it was fun and I loved it”. Seán O’L

“I liked the bells because it helps me relax”. Malika

“When I was angry I breathed in and breathed out and then I felt calm”. Shaira

“I like mindfulness because it is nice after a day’s work. It is very calming when we breathe in and out because it made me feel like I had nothing to think about. Donna is very nice and relaxing.”

“I liked the breathing because when my sister annoys me I get angry and I want to annoy her back so I breathe to calm myself down and then I can forget about it and we can be friends again”. Amélie

“I liked the breathing exercise. I use the breathing exercise if I am bursting to go to the toilet and someone else is in there, it helps me to wait more patiently”.

“I think mindfulness is good because when I get distracted I can come back to it”. Seán Q

“I loved mindfulness because the glitter jar made me feel like I was in a whole new calming world and Donna’s voice is very calming”. Zeynep

“I think mindfulness is really fun”. Rose