Green School

Our School has always promoted environmental responsibility awareness.
In 2008 we formalised our effort and became part of the International Green Schools Programme.
Our first green flag for ‘Waste and Waste Management’, was awarded on May 24th 2010, an achievement we are all very proud of. Our second green flag was awarded in 2012 for our efforts to reduce energy consumption. We have a very active Green School’s Committee made up of pupils from first to sixth, whose members change every term. Each child in the school will be on the committee at some stage of their time in the LSP. We would strongly encourage parents to get involved where possible; this will have very positive effect as we aim for whole school ownership of
the programme. Ethics and the Environment is a strand in our Ethical Curriculum programme and by having this active community in the school, it provides very practical means by which we can put theories discussed in the classroom into practise. It is our aim to instil in children the importance of respecting our environment and for them to become responsible environmental citizens.

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