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The Parent-Teacher Association meets regularly on a monthly basis and supports a wide range of activities in the school while encouraging greater parental involvement. At the recent AGM, committee members for the 2015-16 school year were chosen. The committee selected the following officers when they met in October. Please keep an eye on the Nuacht, the Blackboard and the school website for all the news and to find out when events are taking place.

To contact the Parent Teacher Association email

PTA Committee 2015-2016
Chairperson: Pat Fitzpatrick
Secretary: Rachel Thunder
Treasurer: Paul Wright
Teacher Rep: Mairead Hayden
Communications: Roisin Buckley, Annmarie Ryan and Cathy McGylnn
Melanie Zawada
Pauline Vijandian
Laura Donnelly
Ludmila Podzimkova
Ornela Quinn
Pania Lee
Damien Duggan

National Parents Council Logo

National Parents Council (NPC) – Limerick Meet Up – Thurs 12th

National Parents Council Logo

On Thursday the 12th November The Limerick Branch of NPC is hosting their Reps evening from 7.30pm 9.30pm in the South Court Hotel, Raheen Roundabout, Raheen, Limerick.


 This is an opportunity for people to participate in and understand how NPC is working on behalf of both parents and children. The evening will be presented in an informal yet informative way allowing all present a chance to meet other parents and reps from schools in the Limerick area and we will also be serving ‘tea and coffee & nibbles’.

All parents of primary school children who are interested are welcome to attend.

As places are limited booking is essential please contact  to confirm your attendance.

November PTA update



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LSP Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – Bi-Monthly Update

The Parent Teacher Association Committee met on September 7th, and October 5th, 2015.

The following items were discussed:

  1. Parent Teacher Association committee meetings will take place on the 2nd Monday of each month.
  1. The AGM took place on Thursday, September 24th, 7pm in the school Halla. The PTA constitution was ratified. 4 committee members from the old committee remained on and 10 new members were elected.
  1. Election of new officers:

Pat Fitzpatrick was re-elected as Chairperson.

Paul Wright was re-elected as Treasurer.

Rachel Thunder was re-elected as Secretary.

Mairead Hayden is the Teacher rep.

A new sub-committee was created called the Communications Committee. The committee will be responsible for the weekly Nuacht, the website, poster etc. and the monthly update which will now become the Bi-Monthly update. Those elected to it are: Roisin Buckley, Annmarie Ryan and Cathy McGlynn

Other committee members are Ludmilla Podzimkova, Melanie Zawada, Ornella Quinn, Pania Lee, Pauline Vijandian, Laura Donnelly and Damien Duggan.

  1. Parent & Guardian Volunteer/Helpers DatabaseParent volunteer forms have been left in the school foyer with a drop box. Volunteers will be emailed in the lead up to various school events to see who is available to help. To date there has been a high response, with representation across all the years. If anyone would still like to sign up, forms are available in the foyer or email:
  1. NPC Training Workshop for parents Steve Goode from the National Parents Council visited the school on Tuesday October 13th to give a talk on “Supporting parents to support their children’s mental health and wellbeing”. The event was well-attended and the response to Steve’s talk, which covered topics such as well-being, emotional health, communication and listening skills, was very positive. A speaker’s fee of €50 was paid by the Parent Teacher Association.
  1. Bualadh Bos Festival The school attended the Carnival of the Animals in the Lime Tree Theatre, Mary Immaculate College, on Thursday 15th of October, The PTA subsidized this trip by €430 (€2 per child). The children had a great time and there was a very positive response to the event.
  1. Secondary School Campaign update Posters and Flyers for the Second Level campaign were taken by committee members to aid with their distribution. The campaign website can be accessed at, the Facebook page at and the email address is
  1. Photos of New Committee Photos of new committee members will, like last year, be displayed on the notice board in the school foyer of the committee members for the purpose of visibility within the school community.
  1. Halloween Party The school Halloween party was discussed at the meeting and took place on Friday 23rd of October. Members of the Parent Teacher Association and some parent volunteers decorated the Halla on the morning of the party. A great time was had by all. A total of €50 of PTA funds was spent on decorations.
  1. Coffee MorningThe Parent Teacher Association hope to run several coffee mornings throughout the school year. The next coffee morning will take place on Friday 20th November at 8.30am, outside the school Staffroom. All Parents/Guardians welcome.
  1. Winter FairThis year’s Winter Fair will take place on Sunday December 6th from 1pm. The Winter Fair is both a social event for the school community and a fundraiser for extracurricular activities throughout the school year. Volunteers will be needed to run the various elements of the Fair.
  1. IdeasIf people have ideas for events, talks, celebrations etc. let the committee know by emailing
  1. LSP Website The Parent Teacher Association have a page on the LSP website and will regularly update the school community with all news and upcoming events.

The next committee meeting will take place on Monday November 9th.

Free Talk for Parents – “Supporting Parents to Support their Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing”

A Guest speaker from the National Parents Council (NPC) will give a talk about children and their mental health.


Tuesday, 13th October, 7pm, at  LSP.

All parents/guardians are invited to come along.

This is a free event organised by the Parent Teacher Association.

Positive mental health and wellbeing enables young people to lead fulfilling lives. It is recognised that the family is the primary source of nurturing and support for children and plays a central role in the promotion of their positive mental health

This talk supports parents to encourage and promote positive mental health and wellbeing in their children. The programme also explores how the building of resilience in children helps them to manage and cope with the day to day stresses of life as they occur.

Parents who attend this session will:

  1. Explore the factors that influence mental health and well-being in their child.
  2. Learn how to build and nurture resilience within their own child.
  3. Be given tips on how best to support their child’s positive mental health and wellbeing.

This will be a worthwhile talk to attend with plenty of time for questions and answers.

LSP HELPING REFUGEES, Donations Collection Point @ LSP




The PTA and the school have organized for a drop off zone to be created in the school this week for donations of much needed items for the refugee camp in Calais, France.

Items can be dropped into the school hall Wed, Thurs, and Friday the 16th,17th,and 18th of September, 8.30 to 9am.

Microsoft Word - Lmk to Callais poster 3.docx



For more Information goto:



LSP Parent Teacher Association (PTA) AGM, Sept 24th, Thurs, 7-8pm

The Parent Teacher Association AGM will take place on Thursday 24th September at 7pm, in the school.

At the AGM new committee members will be elected thus it is an opportunity for you to become part of the representative body of the parent community of the school and join in on the journey of enhancing the education and experiences of both the children and the families that make up Limerick School Project Community

The Work of the  Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Committee

The team has shared responsibility for:

  • Planning for the future and developing a vision for the PTA
  • Planning and managing the annual programme of activities for the PTA
  • Communicating, consulting with and involving as many parents as possible in the activities of the PTA
  • Communicating and consulting with the Principal and Board of Management
  • Planning agendas and keeping records of meetings
  • Managing the PTA finances
  • Drawing up the constitution by which the PTA operates
  • Valuing diversity and inter-culturalism and making sure parents who might find it hard to get involved are encouraged and supported to do so.

What’s the committment needed?

  • Commit to attending a majority of the monthly meetings across the school year. (Meetings to be held in evenings, second Monday of each month 7-9pm)
  • To work as a team.
  • To help plan and carry-out a programme of activities/events.

If you would like to get involved in the work of the PTA Committee please come along to the AGM and put yourself forward for the new committee.

The LSP Parent Teacher Association Constitution (Working Document) will be ratified at the AGM.

Click on the link to read the constitution prior to attending the AGM.





Parent Teacher Association Monthly Updates – May/June

Parent Teacher Association

Monthly Updates – May/June


  1. The Poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice visited the school on May 7th. This event was really enjoyed by the children and cost €150.
  2. The Plant and Cake Sale was held on the 15th This was a great success and was well supported by the LSP community and raised approx €1,850.
  3. The Second Level School campaign is now well underway. Parents from both LSP and LETS in Mungret have now formed a committee. Expression of Interest forms were made available in the school foyer and sent home in school bags. To date there are approx 350 Expressions of Interest. There is now a website were you can express your interest. Also Facebook and Twitter are playing an important role in highlighting the campaign.

Website address:

Facebook page:

Twitter: @Let2ndlevel

  1. The LSP Community Meeting was held on 3rd of June. Dr. Maureen Griffin spoke about Internet safety. The Chair of the PTA Pat Fitzpatrick also had an opportunity to speak about the Parent Teacher Association and the Second Level School Campaign.
  2. A leaflet highlighting A Year in the life of Limerick School Project Parent Teacher Association” was produced and sent home in all the school bags. This is hoped to encourage more involvement from the parent community.
  3. €2,000 raised by the Parent Teacher Association through the raffle and programme for the school show in February was transferred to the school to cover production costs. A further €500 has been made available from the Parent Teacher Association to cover the final outstanding costs of the show.
  4. Animal Magic visited for the day on June 10th at a cost of €350. This was a very successful visit with the children getting an opportunity to learn about animals in the wild and to handle many of them.
  5. The final Coffee Morning of the year was held on Friday the 12th of June and was well attended.
  6. The School has asked if the Parent Teacher Association could provide funds to put towards Aistear, the new program of structured play developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). €600 is to be made available for this.
  7. An NPC Training Workshop for parents on Mental Health and Your Child’s Wellbeing will be run in October 2015. This will be a free workshop for parents. Date to be annonuced in the new term.
  8. The Yard Party was hosted by the Parent Teacher Association on Friday the 19th of June. This was a wonderful way to round off the 25 year celebrations and was enjoyed by all the children. Entertainers included a Magician, Balloon artist, Puppet shows and Face painters. Giant games were run in the yard (snakes and ladders, checkers, etc.). There was a food bag for every child, popcorn, candy floss and an ice cream van. Cost of Yard Party is approx €1500. A number of Parent Volunteers turned up to support the event and their help made the day a great success.
  9. The next Parent Teacher Association AGM will take place on Thursday September 24th. New committee members will be elected and Parent Reps for the Board of Management will also be elected at the AGM. The Parent Teacher Association Constitution will be ratified at the AGM. The Constitution (Working Document) can be viewed on the LSP website.

Have a great summer and thanks for all the support over the last year.


Last Friday the 19th of June saw LSP round of its 25th year celebrations with a wonderful Yard Party. All the children at LSP were thoroughly entertained by Puppeteers from Honest Arts,  Aaron Lewis AKA Aaron the Balloon Man, Leon the Magician, and a troupe of face painters. There were giant games of Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, Snap, and hopscotch in which the children themselves were the pieces. Chalk drawing which started out on the yard ground rapidly moved to the walls of the yard to the delight of the children. Treats included a bag of party nibbles, popcorn, candy floss  and to top it all off an ice cream van handed out 99’s to all.

A fabulous celebration was had by all. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who turned up on the day and helped to turn the yard into a truly festive zone. For all the commitment and hard work, it is very much appreciated and was reflected in the delight of all the children and the teachers.

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