Code Club

Our Code Club finished the 10 week run earlier this month. Each child in the club received a Scratch Certificate from the Irish Computer Society.

Continue reading to see attached a sample of projects completed during the club and some quotes from the children!

Quotes from the Children

I started coding camp and I did not know what to do but now I do. I was waiting till every Wednesday to do coding and I learned a lot from it and I hope more people try coding out.

Zoe 2nd Class


We thought coding was very exciting we never knew what would happen when we added a piece of code. Coding was also fun. We really enjoyed coding.

Zia 3rd Class


I’d just like to say that scratch is an amazing coding app and it is great for beginners’, I would love to program stuff when I am older. I’ve even been learning some JavaScript!

Oscar 4th Class


I think the coding club was great fun and I learned a lot. From the first day I was very excited for the next class. As soon as I went home; I got scratch on my mom’s laptop.

Emily 5th Class