Debating in 6th Class

6th Class have been very busy working on the genre of persuasive writing over the last number of weeks.

We decided to work on some live debates in the classroom which involved a huge amount of research and work from the children. The class were split into eight different teams who worked on four different motions. Each motion for debate had a proposing team and an opposing team. It was sometimes difficult to argue for the side that you were on as you may not 100% agree with what you are arguing and we learned that this is the most challenging part of debating.

Our first motion was “All athletes found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs should be stripped of their medals”. Charlie, Danny, Arturs and Juliet were on the proposing team and Hazel, Rossa, Oscar and Edvin were on the opposing team. Both teams put forward extremely convincing arguments with very assertive voices. Rossa even told us that up until 2004, coffee was a banned substance as it contained caffeine! In the end the opposing team were victorious as voted by the rest of the children in the class but both teams were fantastic.

Our second motion was, “Zoos should be banned all over the world”. Noah, Zoe and Yasser were on the proposing team and Eoin, Leyla and Abdel were on the opposing team. Once again, both teams put forward extremely strong arguments. The proposing team told us some startling facts on the percentage of space that animals in captivity have versus the amount that those in their natural habitats have. However, Leyla put forward very persuasive facts about the great work that Fota Island Wildlife Park is undertaking for conservation of endangered species. It was the proposing team that came out on top in this instance but again, it was a wonderful debate.

Our third motion was. “Single gender schools are better than co-educational schools”. Maksim, Rowan and Lucy were on the proposing team and Alex, Ushmita and Yusha were on the opposing team. It was obviously a challenge for the proposing team as they didn’t really agree with the motion but had to fight the yes side of the argument. They did really well and came up with some interesting ideas such as, it has been proven that grades are higher in single gender schools and it eliminates sexism when there is just a single gender in the school. Yusha gave some interesting facts from the PISA report on behalf of the opposing team. An all around super debate again with the proposing team coming out as winners!!! This was a really interesting result and it suprised the class. Lots of people said that they didn’t agree that single-gender schools were actually better but the team’s argument was stronger and this is what they based their opinion on!

Our final motion was, “Children should have to do chores around the house”. Grace, Robert and Seán were on the proposing team and Ronan, Luca and Colm were on the opposing team. The proposing team put forward great arguments about how doing chores promotes independence and responsibility while the opposing team refuted this and said that adults should be mature enough to do the work on their own without relying on children to help and how social skills would be inhibited by having to stay at home doing chores!! On this occasion, the opposing team were victorious!

Well done to all of 6th Class on a fantastic unit of work!