Fifth Class Entry to Different Families Same Love Competition 2022

As part of our SPHE Curriculum we entered the INTO Different Families Same Love Competition. We learned that families in Ireland today are diverse, consisting of mother- and
father-headed families, single parent families, families headed by members of the extended family,
step-parent families, adoptive and foster families, families headed by cohabiting couples, bereaved
families, adult-only families, families from different cultures, and lesbian- and gay-headed families.
However, LGBT young people and children from families with same-sex parents often experience
homophobic and transphobic bullying and prejudice in their schools and communities. In order to combat this in our community we explored the topics of Human Rights and legislation in relation to this, bullying, responding to bullying and finally how we can apply all of this to our own lives. Our artwork represents all the diverse family types we come from and the unity we have as a class community.