I asked my class to write a poem. Look what happened!!!

I Can’t Write a Poem

Forget it.

It’s hard enough to do,

I can’t write a poem

My legs are dead

My arms have stopped working

My brain has turned to mush

My pencil keeps breaking

My chair is wobbly

My page keeps ripping

I couldn’t understand my teacher

Everyone knows how to write one but I don’t!

I feel like falling asleep

I’m sooo bored

It feels like I’ve been trying to do this for 5 hours

but it’s really only been 5 minutes

I’m so dizzy I nearly fainted

I want to go home to see my hedgehog,

my dog, my butterfly, my two kittens and my owl

I’m sooo bored

I’m half asleep

Where’s my page?

What do I write?

My brain’s not functioning

I do not have a pencil

Where’s my rubber?

I’m getting dizzy.

I’m hungry, I need food!

My stomach is empty!

I don’t want to

My hands are shaky

I’m too shy

I fell off my bike

It’s too hard

My pencil snapped

I’m hungry

My nail broke!

I’m sleepy.

I do not even have all my homework done

I didn’t even want to come to school

I hate school on Mondays

I have a cold and wish I was in bed.

I have no ideas

My shoes are dusty and muddy and wet

The window is about to break

I see a torpedo outside the window

The torpedo crashes

How long have we been in school?

Well, it feels like 100 hours!

I don’t know what to say!

What is there to say?


I have a sore throat

I’m sick of thinking

I didn’t listen to the teacher

I’m not good at writing

I’m bored and fed up of the noise

I’m sick and I just want to sleep!

I don’t have a pencil

I don’t have paper

My brain has no ideas

My pages are torn

My heart is pounding

My hands are shaky

I feel queasy and muddled

I don’t know what to write

I’m worried and scared

I’m annoyed and angry

I don’t know what to do

I feel hot and I have a fever.

I’m going to burst.

I hate this!!

I don’t know what a poem is

I can’t find my pencil

I’m having a heart attack

I have diabetes

The floor is going to collapse

Call 999

I can’t hear myself think because of

all the others talking about their ideas

This poem is a waste of time

My head is crunching

My eyes are closed!

Someone HELP me!

I want to go home to my turtles

The floor is squeaking

Please help!

I am so frustrated

This is so hard

I give up!

I’m out.

I quit.

My turtles quit too!

I left my pencil case at home

I don’t even have a page

I’m terrible at writing poems

I’m so tired!

I don’t even know my age!

8? 7? 10?

I don’t know

I want to go home!

Time’s up? Uh oh!

All I have is this dumb list of excuses.

You like it? Really? No kidding.

Thanks a lot. Would you like to see another one?

By Third Class! September 2020