Junk Art in Juniors!

Today, we worked with junk art to make farmhouses, barns, shed, fields and so much more!

This is part of our aistear theme for the month of March, Spring and The Farm!

Some words from the children:

Edward: “I made a milking place and somewhere for the piglets to go when their mom isn’t around. The farmer milks the cows and puts it on a truck.”

Rosie: “I made a barn, there was one cow in it and some hay. There was a bowl with water for him to drink, I made it so he could sip the water.”

Inci: “I made a horse cabin. There was hay and grass in the cabin for the horse.”

Hannah: “I made a farmer’s house and I put in a toilet for the farmer. I put a roof on the house.”

John: “I made an abandoned shed. I put some square pieces into it.”

Latika: “I made a house. Mickey Mouse lives in the house! I put a chimney on the house.”

Ethan: I made a farmhouse. A cat lives in the house. The cat has to keep the mice away.”

Michelle: I made the farmer’s cat. He looks like a tiger, but he’s red. The rice crispies are the food for the cat. There’s also a relaxing chair for the farmer. It has straps.”

Click on the link below to see a video of us hard at work!

IMG_0845 (1)