L.S.P Biodiversity Garden

The Green School Committee have been working very hard all year.  We are almost finished the planning stages for a Biodiversity Garden in L.S.P that we hope the whole school will be hands-on with in September.

We are very limited in our school with regard to the creation of garden space but we do have the raised beds to the side of the school and it is our hope to create a lovely space there and each class will have responsibility for maintaining a section.

At our Global Goals Assemblies in September we pledged to work on the development of a school garden and it is exciting to see plans coming together.

It is also a goal of working for the Biodiversity Green School Flag that we increase levels of biodiversity on our school premises. 

Senior classes will be writing sponsorship letters to Garden Centres in the coming days and we would hope that by the summer holidays we will have funds and equipment secured so that it can be all systems to in September.

Fifth Class did put out an appeal in the Thursday note in Term one for donations of gardening gloves, hand trowels, hand shovels etc.  We did have one contributor who supplied us with 4 hand shovels, 7 hand forks and 9 pairs of gloves.  If anyone else would like to contribute we would be most appreciative.

Here is a nice article that outlines some reasons why gardening enriches children’s lives. 


A big thank you to B-Art Design for gifting us with fabulous signs that will be fixed to the garden walls to show off our different garden sections.  

This is a very exciting project and we would love practical help in September getting it started.  Anyone who would like to get involved please get in touch with the Green School Committee.  


Have a look at our fab new signs: