Learn About Forests

      Learning about Forests. By Y.E.

Today I learned that the Beech Tree is not native to Ireland.

Between 1600-1800 lots of people were cutting down trees and by 1900 only 1% of Ireland was covered in trees which means bad oxygen and that’s not good for us of the environment. So then the Government took action and paid farmers and land owners money to plant trees.

But many of the trees that were planted were non-native trees. Some did plant some oak trees. Currently 11% of Ireland is covered by forests and the Government are trying to increase this.



Learning about Forests. By L.L.

We had a man in class called Ray. He is from the LEAF Programme.

I learned that years ago Ireland was covered with snow and ice. One day the snow and ice started to melt. Nearby seeds got carried to Ireland. The wind carried the seeds, or the birds pooed them out. Then trees started to grow. Ireland was covered in woods and forests. People started to make axes and tools.

Then we got more clever and knew how to make metal. We are now modern people.

We went to the park with Ray and saw trees such as Oak, Ash, Cherry, Yew and Hawthorn. These are native trees to Ireland.

We couldn’t find any Hazel, Alder, Elder, Crab Apple, Juniper, Scots Pine trees.

I had great fun today.

Learning about Forests. By A.T.

Today we went to the Park.  We saw lots of Trees.  We also planted oak trees.  We sorted out acorns and planted them in recycled disposable cups.