Limerick Animal Welfare Talk at the Library

On Tuesday, we went to the Limerick City Library, and we met Chris. Chris works with Limerick Animal Welfare. She told us many things that were funny and important.

She had a dog called Bertie. Bertie is a St. Bernard. He is eight years old. St. Bernards were once used to rescue people from mountains. They have a really good sense of smell so they could sniff people out.

I learned a lot. One thing I learned is how to be a good pet owner. It might look easy, but it’s really not. People first have to care for their pet, give it enough food and water, provide a safe and protected area for their pet, make sure that the animal has something to do when you’re not around. You should also play with your pet and give your pet lots of love and attention.

Chris told us that once there were builders and they found a little seal pup. They didn’t know what to do with it, so they called Limerick Animal Welfare. They had to bring the seal to the seal sanctuary, and they had to feed the baby seal a fishy mixture through a tube down its throat. After a couple of weeks, the seal went from 20kg. to 45kg., so they released him into the sea at Quilty, Co. Clare. I’m glad the stories we heard about all had happy endings like this.

I learned a lot from this talk. An important message I took from the talk is that animals have feelings, just like people have, and we should always treat animals kindly

Katie (5th Class)