Our FUNdraiser!

We put the “fun” in “fundraiser” this year by setting 4 crazy challenges for Matt. The children, parents and other members of the school community voted, with money, for one challenge to be completed

during the last week of school. We had 4 buckets in the foyer from Monday 16th June to Friday 20th June. Challenge 2 raised the most money and so was our winning challenge. The results were as follows:

Challenge 1: Matt’s hair will be dyed pink and green €13.63

Challenge 2: Matt will play basketball one-on-one against Michelle and members of the school teams. If Matt scores, he can squirt the crowd with water. If the other person scores, a group of children can squirt Matt with water €162.87

Challenge 3: Each class will choose two questions , and if Matt can’t answer at least 50% of the questions during the quiz , he will have to buy ice-cream for all of the children in the school  €108.59

Challenge 4: Matt will complete an obstacle course relay race on a space hopper to navigate the obstacles carrying buckets of water and slime €43.07

We thoroughly enjoyed the basketball match and trying out the new water guns!

Thanks to Matt and Michelle for being such great sports!

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