Our Kindness Flower. Rang a Trí

In our earlier post on the work we completed on Global Goals we explained how we were going to commit to engaging in acts of kindness in school.  Through these acts of kindness we were hoping to raise money for Barnardo’s and to become more aware of the importance and the benefits of being kind.

Since then Third Class have made a huge effort to engage in small acts of kindness each day.  At the end of every school day the children that did engage in an act of kindness over the school day put a petal on the flower. We can proudly announce that we managed to put 285 petals on our flower over 10 school days.


Thank you to the families who are sponsoring us. We asked our families to consider sponsoring our class 1c per petal. This means that each person who agreed to sponsor us will be giving our class gave us  €2.85 and altogether we raised €125 for Barnardo’s. It has been so lovely to see the children make this effort in class and around the school, and really great that through these acts of kindness we can spread the joy even further and help other children who may need it.

Thank you Rang a Tri for all the wonderful bucket filling over the past two weeks.


Here are some ideas that we can all try out: 


Here are some of the benefits of being kind according to class members:   

  • Kindness helps us feel included.
  • Kindness helps you make friends.
  • Kindness heals the world.
  • Kindness creates a happy atmosphere.
  • Kindness makes the world a better place.
  • Kind acts helps kindness spread.
  • Kindness makes people feel good.
  • Kindness makes people feel accepted.
  • Kindness boosts confidence.