Parent Teacher Association – Monthly Updates February

Parent Teacher Association

Monthly Updates – February

During the month of February the following took place:

  1. The Parent Teacher Association invited the Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan to LSP for the opening of the Time Capsule on February 9th. The Time Capsule was buried when LSP first opened and now in its 25th year it was recovered and opened to mark this momentous occasion. Pupils both past and present celebrated the Ministers visit and the schools 25th year in both song and word.
  2. An Open Forum was held for all parents and guardians on Monday 9th of February. This was an opportunity for parents to learn more about the Parent Teacher Association, to bring an idea, to raise an issue or ask a question. There was a very low turnout from parents but a very productive discussion took place.
  3. A Coffee Morning was held for parents and guardians on Friday the 6th.
  4. The Parent Teacher Association produced the programme and poster for the Magic of the Musicals and ran the raffle on both nights. Funds raised from these will go towards the cost of putting on the show. The Parent Teacher Association would like to thank all those who sponsored raffle prizes, Liz Nolan for MC-ing, and all those who volunteered to sell raffle tickets and programmes over the two nights.
  5. LSP Parent Teacher Association has taken out membership with the National Parents Council (NPC).
  6. There was another joint meeting between the Board of Management and the Parent Teacher Association.
  7. The Parent Teacher Association committee, at the request of the Board of Management, reviewed the policy Transition to Second Level.


Upcoming events:

  1. The Parent Teacher Association has arranged that Tai Chi instructor John Sheehan will commence Tai Chi classes on Thursday February 26th. Tai Chii will be taught to all the years from junior up to sixth, and will run for eight weeks. Students are asked to wear loose clothing and soft shoes or runners (the plimsoles worn on the stage for the “Magic of the Musicals” would be suitable). Information about Tai Chi has been published in the Nuacht and will be posted on the school website.
  2. Workshops regarding the school playground will take place with all the classes. Children will be asked to imagine how they would like to see the schoolyard improved and enhanced. What is important to them when it comes to yard time? Workshops will commence in early March.
  3. The Parent Teacher Association will be arranging another open meeting regarding an Educate Together second level school for limerick.
  4. The Parent Teacher Association will run the Plant and Cake Sale in mid May.
  5. The Parent Teacher Association will run a “Yard Party” for all the children to celebrate the school’s 25th year. This will take place towards the end of June. We hope to have a number of entertainers, activities, etc. If anyone has any ideas they would like included or suggestions for the party please get in touch by emailing
  6. The Great Limerick Run Kids Run takes place on Saturday the 2nd May in UL. The Parent Teacher Association has now signed up LSP for the Great Limerick Run Kids Run training programme. If you would like your child to participate in the Kids Run registration is now open and costs €12 to register, €5 of each entry will be donated to the child’s primary school. It is important that the school’s name is entered into the registration form. A contribution will also be donated to the Special Olympics. Go to
  7. €1,000 of funds raised so far this year by the Parent Teacher Association will be distributed amongst the classes. This will go towards classroom resources.


If anyone has an idea for an event, a talk, an activity or would simply like to get in touch, you can email