Part 1: Congratulations LSP! Our Fifth Green School Flag for Biodiversity

Today all the children in LSP attended a whole school assembly.  The Green School Committee gave a super presentation on all that we have achieved over the past two years in relation to sound environmental practices and work completed on the theme of Biodiversity.


Here is a brief summary of all that we have achieved:

  • We have continued to monitor our litter and waste, our energy and water use, our travel habits.
  • Our knowledge and appreciation of Biodiversity has developed.
  • We had the Best Biodiversity Day in School.
  • We protested for Action for Climate Change.
  • A cycle bus was established and more parking for bikes is being secured.
  • We have cleaned up the whole side of the school building and have a fabulous Biodiversity Garden to show for all our efforts.
  • We continued to deepen our understanding of Global Goals for Sustainable development.
  • We are very thankful to be in a school where such importance is placed on all these endeavours.

We were very grateful that Sinead McDonnell,  Environment Awareness & Education Officer in Limerick, could join us for our assembly today.

She presented us with our Fifth Green School Flag which we raised today.  We were delighted to have Orla, who has been very involved with our biodiversity work, raise the flag for us. She was joined by our marvelous Green School Committee out the front of the school while the rest of the children stood in the yard and watched the Green School Flag being hoisted to fly proudly over LSP.  

The Green School Committee have already started working towards our next Green Schools Flag which will be Global Citizenship:  Litter and Waste.  This involves us reviewing all the work we did previously on Litter and Waste Management, and looking at that from the perspective of a being Global Citizen too.

Please see the next post where we will elaborate on new measures that we are implementing to improve environmental practices in LSP.