The School Council has been established in LSP for a long time, it is run as part of the Equality and Justice strand of the Learn Together  Curriculum. The aim of the council is to provide students with greater involvement in the decision making  procedures of the school and learn about the democratic process.

Two children from each class are elected by secret ballot and retain their positions on the council for the  duration of the school year. Infant classes are represented by two elected pupils from 5th and 6th Class.

The Student Council meets several times each term. Meetings are facilitated by Jenni with council representatives collecting ideas and suggestions for the agenda from each class ahead of each meeting. Suggestions are then discussed, prioritised and are brought to the attention of staff and board of management meetings. Since it was established, the School Council has been responsible for a number of positive work in the  school such as the now annual, Valentine’s Fair.

The student council continues to play an important role in school life and makes a vital contribution to improving our school environment and the quality of school life for all pupils and staff.



2017-2018 School Council Members

1st Class: Evie and Oilleóg

2nd Class: Guillermo and Zia

3rd Class: Oscar and Masha

4th Class: Termeh and Daniel

5th Class: Luca and Colm

6th Class: Aijay and Elena

Junior Infant reps: Kirsty and Shiam

Senior Infant reps: Leyla and Rowan