Show Racism the Red Card

Sara, a woman from the organisation, “Show Racism the Red Card” came in to talk to us about racism on Monday.

What is racism? We learned today that racism is treating someone badly, unfairly and unkindly because of their nationality, skin colour, religion or culture.

What should you do if someone is being racist? First, tell the person that that was not okay and not to do it again. Then comfort the person that was being racially abused. It should stop them, but if the person is still being racist, tell a teacher, parent or someone you trust.

After this lesson today I learned so much but I was also angry. How could people be so mean that they have to do or say something mean to someone because of who they are?

We are very grateful that Sara came in today. I hope I have taught you something today.

By Niamh M., 5th Class