Superstars at work!

Junior Infants have been working hard!

We read the story of “Rumpelstilskin” this week and sequenced the events of the story. It is a long story and was a little tricky but we got there! We also clapped out the syllables in Rum-pel-stil-skin and counted the syllables in our names too. We discovered Anastasia had the most claps.

In our SESE lessons we have been learning about Journeys. We spoke about car, train, bus, helicopter, airplane, horse and bicycle journeys. We used a lot of new language and practised giving directions. “Go straight, turn left, turn right, stop” all featured in our directions.

In our music lessons, we learned a new song called “Jig-a-jog-jig” and listened to “Horse and Buggy” by Leroy Anderson. We responded to the music with mime and actions while discussing the tempo of the music. Listen here!

In drama this week, we continued with our “Off to Market” lessons. We practised the calls of market traders “3 oranges for €2” and “Buy one get one free” were shouted across our classroom market scene! We also met a magical market trader who visited our classroom! We have on rule for our drama lessons, we must PRETEND! When we pretend and play-along with the drama we have more fun and chat afterwards about we liked most in our pretend scenarios.

In our RECC lessons, we have had a lot of circle time and discussed fairness. Antonia told us short stories and we discussed whether they were an example of fairness or unfairness. Some of the girls in the class mentioned that it was easy to be fair and they feel happy when they treat other fairly.

Our numeracy lessons were a lot of fun this week, we have been learning about the different ways to make 4 and 5. We work well in pairs and enjoy using different manipulatives for maths. See for yourself!

Click here for video of classwork!