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National Tree Week

Last week, as part of National Tree week, the members of the Green School Committee planted an alder tree. This will increase levels of biodiversity in our school’s locality.

What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity describes the variety of life on Earth and the ways in which living things interact with each other and the world around them. Biodiversity is another word for nature or the natural world and includes people, animals, plants and microbes as well as places in which they live (habitats). It is  simply the nature all around us.


The Green School Committee 2014-2015

The new Green Schools Committee met today for the first time.  We had a great meeting which has set us up for the year ahead.  Committee members for 2014-2015 are Julia, Art, Edvin, Hazel, Suzanne, Manchun, Elio, Aoife, Fionn, Vicky, Amy, Aoife, David, Ajay, Kieran, Cecilly-Anabell, Maria, Alan, Emer, Claire, Rebecca and Cathy.  Please click to read the minutes of the meeting.

Green Schools Minutes 10th October 2014