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Third Class’ Thoughts on Mindfulness

“I like the glitter jar because it is relaxing when I have lots of thoughts going on in my mind”. Olive

“I liked the exercise in mindfulness when we tightened all our joints because it felt very relaxing after you untightened them. I would use this exercise for when I am trying to get to sleep”. Sam

“I liked mindfulness because it was very relaxing to sit down and not be stressed by doing maths. My favourite part was when we used the glitter jar.” Hazel

“I liked all of the mindfulness, like the ringing bells, the glitter jar, the yoga mat and the calm breathing”. Kane

“I thought the head and shoulders was good because we could do it and then stop and see how we were feeling. I like the bell ringing, that made me feel calm”. Adam

“I liked mindfulness because in school you don’t get to relax a lot and in mindfulness you can relax”. Nicky

“I like the glitter jar because I found it relaxing. I liked the bells because it is like I do not have to think about anything else”. Eilish

“I liked when we all lay down because it was very relaxing and I also liked when Donna rang the bells”. Diarmuid

“I loved mindfulness when the glitter jar came in, it was calming”. Ray

“This is why I loved mindfulness, because it was a time in the day where I could relax, and because Donna was so friendly. It definitely helped me become more mindful”. Julia

“I liked mindfulness because we got to relax during the school day”. Ben

“I like mindfulness because of the glitter jar because it relaxes my mind”. Natalie

“I liked mindfulness because heads, shoulders, knees and toes was fun, calm and you get exercise”. Princess

“It was very calming for me because when I fell and got hurt I was stressed. Thank you Donna”. Daniel

“I liked the glitter jar because it made me relax when my brain was very busy”. Termeh

“I liked the breathing exercise, it helped me when I got scared. It helped me calm down, I really enjoyed mindfulness. Thank you Donna”. Laura

“What I liked about mindfulness was that we got to lie down and do a mat exercise and it was fun and I loved it”. Seán O’L

“I liked the bells because it helps me relax”. Malika

“When I was angry I breathed in and breathed out and then I felt calm”. Shaira

“I like mindfulness because it is nice after a day’s work. It is very calming when we breathe in and out because it made me feel like I had nothing to think about. Donna is very nice and relaxing.”

“I liked the breathing because when my sister annoys me I get angry and I want to annoy her back so I breathe to calm myself down and then I can forget about it and we can be friends again”. Amélie

“I liked the breathing exercise. I use the breathing exercise if I am bursting to go to the toilet and someone else is in there, it helps me to wait more patiently”.

“I think mindfulness is good because when I get distracted I can come back to it”. Seán Q

“I loved mindfulness because the glitter jar made me feel like I was in a whole new calming world and Donna’s voice is very calming”. Zeynep

“I think mindfulness is really fun”. Rose

Global Goals 2016


Last Thursday and Friday were very busy days in L.S.P.  Children from first to sixth came together to celebrate Global Goals and to discuss, in particular, gender equality.

What are Global Goals?

In September 2015, all 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted a plan for achieving a better future for all – laying out a path over the next 15 years to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect our planet. At the heart of “Agenda 2030” are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which clearly define the world we want – applying to all nations and leaving no one behind.


How did we spend the day?

Juniors and seniors read picture books that allowed children to hear stories where the main characters defied typical ‘gender stereotypical’ roles.

The day began by all the children assembling in the halla.  We watched a review of what Global Goals are all about, a concept that was introduced at last year’s Global Goals day.  We then proceeded to watch a video that shows what has been achieved since last year.

What did we discuss?




We discussed the following:  What is gender?  What is equality?  What is gender equality? Whose issue is gender equality?

In groups the children then worked on responses to the following questions:

Do we have gender equality in our school?

Do we have gender equality in Ireland?

Do we have gender equality in our world?

Please see the Green Schools Notice Board to see what the children of L.S.P had to say in response to these questions.

All classes then returned to their classrooms where they all worked on Gender Equality lessons, all compiled by Educate Together and Plan Ireland.

Each class then returned to the halla where they had five minutes to report back to all classes what they had learned when working in their classrooms.


What did we read?

We read some wonderful picture books ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ by Andrea Beaty, ‘Derek the Knitting Dinosaur’ by Mary Blackwood, ‘The Story of Ferdinand’ by Munro Leaf and some classes heard the story ‘Princess Smartypants’ by Babette Cole.  These are superb stories where the main characters challenge gender stereotypical roles and live their life by staying true to themselves and being happy with who they are.

How can we make a change?

We looked at how we can be agents of change for gender inequality.



Homework Exercise

We were set a homework exercise where we had to research who the political leadership, local leadership and Local Community Influencers and decision makers were in our lives.  We looked at this in relation to gender.

We sang our song ‘Listen’ where we were reminded of how people hearts beat the same, how we all love to laugh and how we all love to sing, despite gender, religious or personal belief systems.  It was a very fitting end to the day’s work.


On Friday…

On Friday we all met again in the halla and discussed the results from the homework exercise set.  Please see Green Schools Notice Board for the results from this exercise. It was very interesting how the results were so similar across the six classes that took part.  We had updates from the Green School Committee as to how we are progressing towards our fourth Green School Flag ‘Travel’, updates as to how we will continue this year with all the work achieved to date with Waste and Waste Management, Energy and  Water. We had a word from Orla who officially welcomed everyone back to school and spoke on some key points that needed to be addressed, and we then sang our Green School Songs that have been composed over the years.

What did we achieve?

We achieved so much over the course of the two days.  All the work ties directly with our Learn Together Curriculum and we were extremely proud of all the children who worked so hard and spoke so sincerely about wanting to build a better world for all.





Third Class are becoming Bucket Fillers!

Third Class are committing to creating a Bucket Filling Class.

Bucket filling is an easy-to-understand concept: Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds our good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our buckets are empty, we feel sad.

We are quickly understanding that we can fill buckets when we do and say things that are kind, considerate, caring, and respectful.  We are also learning that when we are mean, inconsiderate, uncaring, or disrespectful, they dip into buckets and remove those good feelings.

We are writing thank you notes each week thanking a classmate for helping to fill our buckets!

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