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Parent Teacher Association Monthly Updates – May/June

Parent Teacher Association

Monthly Updates – May/June


  1. The Poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice visited the school on May 7th. This event was really enjoyed by the children and cost €150.
  2. The Plant and Cake Sale was held on the 15th This was a great success and was well supported by the LSP community and raised approx €1,850.
  3. The Second Level School campaign is now well underway. Parents from both LSP and LETS in Mungret have now formed a committee. Expression of Interest forms were made available in the school foyer and sent home in school bags. To date there are approx 350 Expressions of Interest. There is now a website were you can express your interest. Also Facebook and Twitter are playing an important role in highlighting the campaign.

Website address: www.let2ndlevel.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/let2ndlevel

Twitter: @Let2ndlevel

  1. The LSP Community Meeting was held on 3rd of June. Dr. Maureen Griffin spoke about Internet safety. The Chair of the PTA Pat Fitzpatrick also had an opportunity to speak about the Parent Teacher Association and the Second Level School Campaign.
  2. A leaflet highlighting A Year in the life of Limerick School Project Parent Teacher Association” was produced and sent home in all the school bags. This is hoped to encourage more involvement from the parent community.
  3. €2,000 raised by the Parent Teacher Association through the raffle and programme for the school show in February was transferred to the school to cover production costs. A further €500 has been made available from the Parent Teacher Association to cover the final outstanding costs of the show.
  4. Animal Magic visited for the day on June 10th at a cost of €350. This was a very successful visit with the children getting an opportunity to learn about animals in the wild and to handle many of them.
  5. The final Coffee Morning of the year was held on Friday the 12th of June and was well attended.
  6. The School has asked if the Parent Teacher Association could provide funds to put towards Aistear, the new program of structured play developed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). €600 is to be made available for this.
  7. An NPC Training Workshop for parents on Mental Health and Your Child’s Wellbeing will be run in October 2015. This will be a free workshop for parents. Date to be annonuced in the new term.
  8. The Yard Party was hosted by the Parent Teacher Association on Friday the 19th of June. This was a wonderful way to round off the 25 year celebrations and was enjoyed by all the children. Entertainers included a Magician, Balloon artist, Puppet shows and Face painters. Giant games were run in the yard (snakes and ladders, checkers, etc.). There was a food bag for every child, popcorn, candy floss and an ice cream van. Cost of Yard Party is approx €1500. A number of Parent Volunteers turned up to support the event and their help made the day a great success.
  9. The next Parent Teacher Association AGM will take place on Thursday September 24th. New committee members will be elected and Parent Reps for the Board of Management will also be elected at the AGM. The Parent Teacher Association Constitution will be ratified at the AGM. The Constitution (Working Document) can be viewed on the LSP website.  http://www.limerickschoolproject.ie/parent-teacher-constitution/

Have a great summer and thanks for all the support over the last year.


Last Friday the 19th of June saw LSP round of its 25th year celebrations with a wonderful Yard Party. All the children at LSP were thoroughly entertained by Puppeteers from Honest Arts,  Aaron Lewis AKA Aaron the Balloon Man, Leon the Magician, and a troupe of face painters. There were giant games of Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, Snap, and hopscotch in which the children themselves were the pieces. Chalk drawing which started out on the yard ground rapidly moved to the walls of the yard to the delight of the children. Treats included a bag of party nibbles, popcorn, candy floss  and to top it all off an ice cream van handed out 99’s to all.

A fabulous celebration was had by all. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who turned up on the day and helped to turn the yard into a truly festive zone. For all the commitment and hard work, it is very much appreciated and was reflected in the delight of all the children and the teachers.

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To the future and beyond with Limerick School Project


The Limerick School Project, National School, has launched a new book,Limerick School Project – The Next 25 Years and Beyond’. Compiled, written and illustrated by the children of the Limerick School Project under the guidance of their teachers, this book imagines school life in the future.

The celebrations this year of the Limerick School Project’s 25th anniversary has prompted many discussions about the lives of children at that time, compared to the present, and in turn, to the lives of the children of the future. The result of these discussions is the creation of a book that every child in the school has contributed to, in drawings, poems and stories.


Commenting on the book ‘Limerick School Project – The Next 25 Years and Beyond’ Principal Orla McCoy said:

this is much more than a collection of drawings and stories by the current pupils in the school – it embodies the energy and diversity of the pupils and teachers past and present, a vibrancy and imagination that bodes well for the future of LSP and equality based education in the city.


Jason Nash, Limerick College of Art and Design, was responsible for the overall design of the book, said:

“It’s always a lot of fun when working with children, they have very imaginative and creative minds…..coming up with great ideas and wacky inventions. That’s ideal for making a fun and exciting book and makes my work as a designer much more interesting.”


In 1986 the concept of a ‘multi-denominational, child-centred, co-educational and democratically run’ school was set in motion when a group of foresighted parents met in Cruises’ Hotel and the Limerick School Project was born. The school grew, over the years, from 56 pupils and 2 teachers to its present population of 220 pupils and 13 teachers. Now well established in O’Connell Avenue, during this school year of 2014-2015, the school is delighted to be celebrating 25 years of LSP.


‘Limerick School Project – the next 25 Years and Beyond’ is available for purchase for €10 from the school secretary 061 412994. All proceeds go towards the cost of printing the book. For further information about Limerick School project visit www.limerickschoolproject.ie




an nuacht – May 28th


Volume 15, Issue 32

May 28th 2015


School is closed Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd June – June Bank Holiday

Safety in the Yard

Only staff & after school coaches are permitted to drive into the school yard. They all have been asked to drive cautiously and to be alert.  However, if you stop to have a chat with other parents when collecting your child please ensure they stay with you. Ball playing and chasing games are not permitted in the yard after school for safety reasons.

Important ET News

LSP is not ‘multi-denominational’ anymore. It is ‘Equality-based’

In consultation with members, the Board of Directors of Educate Together has taken an important decision for the future of the organisation – Educate Together will no longer describe itself as a ‘multi-denominational’ organisation but will use the term ‘Equality-based’.

At different points in the history of Educate Together, the term ‘multi-denominational’ has been opposed by families, teachers and pupils who do not identify themselves in religious terms. A working group established by the organisation found that its use implicitly suggests a religious focus that has become confusing to parents, teachers and general public. The decision to discontinue the use of ‘multi-denominational’ does not change the standing commitment of the organisation to “equality of access and esteem to children irrespective of their social, culture or religious background”.

Reminder: please bring in stamped addressed envelopes to class teacher for end of year reports

LSP Sports Day 2015

We will hold the annual LSP Sports Day in Mary I Sports Arena tomorrow, Friday May 29th. As always we have lots of parents helping and we look forward to a fun filled day, whatever the weather.

Internet Safety Meeting June 5th @7pm

The BOM has arranged for Dr. Maureen Griffin, B.A. M.A. Ph.D, Forensic Psychologist to talk to LSP community on the topic of social media.

Most children have daily access to the internet and their safety is a big concern. Dr. Griffin will talk about Social Networking Sites, Chatting Online, Cyber-bullying, Mobile Phone Safety and Online Gaming.

These talks have been found to be very informative and practical and so popular with primary and secondary schools that we are lucky to have been able to secure a date for LSP parents.

We need to have an idea of numbers attending for organisational purposes. Please let Louise know asap if you intend coming and if you want to avail of crèche/club facilities.

School Tour time is here again. Lots of classes will be heading off on buses and trains to different parts of the country for fun and games. Please take note of the class teacher’s guidelines on what / what not to bring on the day.

Rules are there to keep everyone safe and ensure a fun day for all.

Ice Cream Funday yesterday raised €430 for Down Syndrome Ireland. Thanks to everyone who bought ice-cream and thanks to Laura & her helpers.

Book Launch To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Limerick School Project we are delighted to announce the launch of our whole school book ‘Limerick School Project the Next 25 years and Beyond’ on Tuesday 9th June.  Every child in the school contributed to the book and it is a fantastic accomplishment as they are now published authors!! 

Thank you to all of the children and teachers for their hard work in creating this wonderful publication.  And a special word of thanks to BOM Parent Representative Sinead Wylde and Graphic Designer Jason Nash for their expertise in co-ordinating the project. 

The book will be on sale on the day and over the next few weeks.

All parents, family and friends are invited to attend the official launch in the Halla on Tuesday 9th June.  We will have details about the time of the launch and the book price very soon.

We hope you can make it!

Classes starting in September!

The Fashion School is a little and lovely school who aspire to teach students sewing skills, fashion knowledge and creativity.  We have been running a school in Dublin since 2011 and are now starting to teach in Limerick.  All our teachers are from the Irish Fashion Industry and our Limerick tutor Rachael teaches Fashion at Limerick Senior and is a past pupil of The Limerick School Project!

We are running a 10 week Saturday morning ’SEWING MASTERCLASS’ in the school hall starting September 12th to November 28th (excluding mid-term). This course is designed to bring students through the entire process a fashion designer goes through.  The course covers sewing, designing and illustration.  For more information please visit www.thefashionschool.ie www.thefashionschool.ie  / fashionclubireland@gmail.com  / 086 066 77 99

Dates: September 12th- November 28th

10 Weeks (No class mid-term break)

Times:  Saturday’s 10.00-11.15

Age: 8+ Years

Price: €140 This includes all materials for the full course, commercial patterns and refreshments for a break at each class. Parents will also be sent photographs of all final work.


Parent Teacher Association News

Animal Magic visit to LSP has been rearranged for Wednesday, June 10th.


Coffee Morning

Final Coffee Morning of the school term will be held on Friday June 12th from 8.30am outside the staff room.  Come along for a free cup of Coffee/Tea and a chat

Spring Plant and Cake sale.

To date the sale has made approx €1,700. This will be put towards extra curricular activities for all the children at LSP. Thank you for all your support.

There are still some plants available and these will be sold off next week in the school yard at pick times 1.10 and 2.10.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Forms– Educate Together Secondary School.

Forms are now available in the school foyer or go online to express your interest in having an Educate Together Secondary School. www.let2ndlevel.com
Also check out the campaigns Facebook page, and we would be grateful if you could like and share it to other friends of yours

Remember even children who have not started primary school yet can be included on the form. This is about their future too! 

An Nuacht – 16th April 2015


Volume 15, Issue 26

April 16th, 2015

The photo above shows some Senior Infant children wearing their wonderful spring hats!


School is closed on Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th May.


Reminder: LSP 25th Year Anniversary Reunion, Saturday 18th April @ 6pm in school hall and afterwards in Dolan’s , Dock Road from 8pm onward. All present parents are welcome to come along, over 18’s only in Dolans.



School begins at 8.30 am and ends at 1.10pm for Junior and Senior Infants and 2.10pm for 1st – 6th classes.

This term we are going to concentrate on getting everyone in to school on time and allow classes to start promptly.

If you are someone who has been relaxed about being in school by 8.30 am please help by making an effort to improve on timekeeping.

School gates and doors are opened to the children at 8.30 a.m. and children go directly to classrooms.  From 1st class upwards there is no need to bring your child into the classroom unless you need to speak to the teacher. Any messages or forgotten lunches etc may be left at the office. This will allow all children to start work on time and without interruption.

The school can not accept responsibility for children arriving at school prior to 8.30 am.

The front door and back gate is locked at 9.00 am each day and access is gained by using the intercom. If you need to collect your child during school hours, please sign them out in the office.  It is advisable to inform your child’s class teacher if you will be collecting your child early.

From a Health and Safety point of view it is better that parents wait in the yard to collect children after school. This prevents disruption to classes before 2.10 pm and we are better able to monitor who collects children. There is always a staff member on duty in the yard and at the front door at 2.10 pm. Any children still waiting at 2.20 pm will be brought inside and a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian. Although some staff members may be on the premises, meetings are scheduled and the school cannot accept responsibility for children after 2.10 pm. After school club coaches are responsible for children who take part in after school activities.


Dr. Maureen Griffin, B.A. M.A. PhD Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Maureen Griffin has been invited by our Board of Management to talk to our parents about Internet Safety on Tuesday 28th April 2015.

She will speak about social networking, online gaming, cyber-bullying, and mobile phone safety and will provide an overview of what is currently popular among students, what the potential dangers are and practical advice on how to protect children when they are online or using their mobile phone. The talk is not about blocking content online; it is more about teaching children how to be responsible when online, by making parents aware of the dangers and highlighting some practical tips.

This could be the most important meeting that you attend this year.


Due to ongoing requests we are putting in a final order for ‘Magic of the Musical’s DVDs next week. Please give your name and €15 to Louise on or before Tuesday 21st April.


New 6 week Arts & Crafts course, starting next week. €50 fee. Please contact Tara 087 7455202 to book your child a place.


We had fantastic hats at our Easter hat parade on the day of the Easter Holidays. Well done to all.

An Nuacht – 26th March 2015


Volume 15, Issue 27

March 26th 2015


The photograph above shows some chick baskets made by Junior Infants.

School will close at 12 noon tomorrow Friday 27th March & will re-open on Monday 13th April- Easter Holidays.


All visitors to the school must report to Reception. Visitors need to make an appointment to see the Principal.


Names & Money now being taken for after school basketball clubs. Easter to summer term. Cost €18 per child. Names and money to office. This will run until the summer holidays.


Reminder: School milk can be ordered before 12 noon tomorrow Friday. Cost €17 per child. Names and money to office.


Spelling Bee

The second round is on in St Paul’s N.S. in Dooradoyle this morning. Clodagh Hannan is representing LSP. We wish her all the best.


We would like to remind parents of the procedures for making a complaint in the Limerick School Project. Below is an excerpt from the Parents Booklet we give all parents when their child joins the Limerick School Project for the first time.

 Complaints Procedure:  If you have a query or concern regarding a school matter relating to your child, this is the procedure to follow:

1) Always go to the class teacher first.  In most cases, concerns can be resolved at that level.  The teacher will inform the principal of any serious complaints.

2) If, at that stage, you feel that the issue has not been resolved, you are welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the matter.

3) If you still feel unhappy with the outcome, you can then bring your concerns to the Board of Management of the school.  In order to do this, the concerns must be put in writing to the Chairperson of the BOM.


Everyone in 4th class would like to wish Alex Breathnach the very best as he goes on stage in the Lime Tree Theatre as ‘Gavroche’ from Les Miserables with the ‘MIDAS’ Company. As they say in acting ‘break a leg’.


Design a hat parade will take place at 10.30am tomorrow. We’re hoping every pupil will join in (and parents are welcome too!).


Reminder: please return your POD forms if you have forgotten to do so already. Any parent who refuses to fill in the form must put this in writing to the principal, stating the reasons why this is so and the letter must be signed and dated.


‘Magic of the Musical’s dvds can still be ordered. Please give your name and €15 to Louise. DVDs will arrive after Easter break.


Minutes for the February Board of Management meeting can be found here


Parent Teacher Association News

  • Calling all Gardeners!

This years Plant and Cake Sale takes place on Friday May 15th. Planting has now begun in all the classes. We are looking for donations from home. If you are starting some planting and seed sowing over the Easter break why not consider growing a few extra for the school fundraiser on May 15th. Vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.

All donations/contributions greatly appreciated.


  • The Great Limerick Run UL Kids Run takes place on Saturday May 2nd at University of Limerick. Trainers from LIT are now visiting the school and working with the children. Their first session began this week and was a great success. There will be several more training sessions after the Easter holidays. The registration fee is €12. €5 of the fee goes to the participant’s primary school – so don’t forget to put LSP’s name on the form! A donation will also go to Special Olympics Ireland, and all participants will receive a race T-shirt and medal.

If you would like to register your child/children in the Kids Run go to www.greatlimerickrun.com


  • A Second Level School Meeting was held on Thursday March 19 A working group/committee was set up to devise a strategy to establish an Educate Together second level school in limerick. Updates to follow. If anyone is interested in getting involved or would like further information, email pta.lsp@gmail.com


25th Anniversary Concert



  1. Production costs:

Direction                                   €3,000

Costumes                                  €1,500



  1. Star Systems €1,500



  1. Musicians €0,860



  1. Lime Tree €2,400

Projector                                        80



  1. DVDs & recording €1,400


Total                                        €10,740






  1. Lime Tree €6,764.60

(353 attended 1st night,

409 on 2nd night)


  1. DVDs    €2,069.00


  1. Parent Teacher €2,000.00


(Raffle & Programmes)


  1. School Council

(Valentine Fair)                        €00,450.00

Total  Income                          €11,283.60


Costs                                       €10,740.00        

 Profit                                       €00,543.60

This will go towards the 25th Anniversary Book





An Nuacht – 12th March 2015


Volume 15, Issue 25

March 12th 2015



School is closed on Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th March


Our expenditure for the past number of months:

December: book rental €95.94, LS/RT €15.49, Maintenance & repairs €276.14, PE equipment €127.28, €169 on bank charges,€462.47 cleaning & kitchen, €600 school choir, €2.04 petty cash, €101.13 print equip, €859.02, €322 stationary & class materials, €607 professional development, €153.28 phone/mobile, Art & Craft €975.62.

January: €26.25 book rental, €450.15 computers, €36 LS/RT, €487.27 maintenance & repairs, €5 bank charges, cleaning & kitchen €116.72, €68 misc, €71.20 petty cash, €420.66 copier/printer lease, €582.32 LS/RT, €194.27 BOM expenses, heating €1,332.

February: €757.49 LS/RT, maintenance & repairs €431.50, €30 PE equipment, €313.69 cleaning & kitchen, €19.32 petty cash, €122.92 book rental, LS/RT €381.23, bank charges€28.78, BOM expenses €162.86, cleaning & kitchen €9.80, Insurance €329.15.



There will be a second level school meeting held in the school on Thursday 19th March at 7 pm in the Limerick School Project school. The purpose of this meeting will be to look at pathways to attaining a secondary schooling for our children with an Educate Together ethos. This is a follow up meeting to the one that was held before Christmas; all interested parents are asked to come along and also to pass the information onto other parents who may be interested.



Please note that the 2015 UL SPORT KIDS RUN IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION. €5 of every registration goes to your nominated school.

The UL Sport Kids Run at the Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run 2015 will take place on Saturday the 2nd May. This fun event is sponsored by UL Sport and is organised by Barringtons Hospital Great Limerick Run in conjunction with Limerick Sports Partnership and the HSE. This year four waves will take place at the University of Limerick, details listed below. There is a limit of 500 children for each wave.

2:15PM – Wheelchair event on track
3:00PM – Junior & Senior Infants – 1 KM route
3:45PM – First & Second Class – 1.5 KM route
4:30PM – Third & Fourth Class – 2 km route
5:00PM – Fifth & Sixth Class – 2.5 km route

All of the runs are off road, starting at the GAA pitch beside the running track and finishing on the running track. Mums/dads/minders are welcome to join their children for the first two runs. The cost of entry is €12 per child. €5 of each entry fee will be donated to the participant’s primary school. It is important that during registration the child’s primary school name is entered into the registration form, in order for the primary school to receive their donation.  A contribution from each entry fee will also be donated to the Special Olympics, the chosen charity for the Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run 2015. Children participating in the events need to collect their race number at least 1 hour before their race. Numbers can be collected at the kids section of the Barringtons Hospital Great Limerick Run Expo at the UL Arena from 10am on Saturday. All participants will receive a finisher’s medal and technical race t-shirt. Water will be available on the day Registration is online at http://www.greatlimerickrun.com/about/kids

Remember to nominate your school – Limerick School Project.


Please let us know as soon as possible if your child won’t be returning to LSP in September.


Seachtain na Gaeilge:

Tráth na gCeist took place yesterday in the halla for both junior and senior classes. The whole school took part and the teams were mixed so everyone could work together. The pupils on the winning team were:  (Senior Team) Jasper Fitzgerald (V), Harry Lynch (VI), Rubin McCarthy (III) & Sunisa O’Connor (IV). (Junior Team): Maksim Galinovskis (II), Jasmine Rasch-Foster (JI), Ray Frizelle (I) & Masha Galinovska (SI).


Green School Assessment: Last Thursday we had our Green Schools Assessment. Our committee did us proud when they met the assessor and explained all the measures we have taken to be as water aware in our school as possible. Jane, the assessor, visited some classes to have a little chat with them as to what they have learned about water conservation over the past few years. The assessment concluded with the whole school singing our water song, as composed by last years Rang a Sé. We also sang our energy song and Jane was very impressed with our whole school approach to environmental care and awareness. We have also forwarded all the paperwork to An Taisce so we now have to wait and see what the results of all our hard work will be, though all the comments from the assessor were most favourable. All things going well this will be the third green schools flag LSP will attain,  Waste and Waste Management, Energy and now hopefully Water. Transport will be the next theme that the school will be working towards. A big thank you to the committee, to the sub committees, to the teachers and classes for working on environmental lessons and to the staff on the green schools committee. Being a green school does mean a serious investment of time from staff on the committee but hopefully, through exposure to environmental experiences such as these, we are helping cultivate an innate interest and respect within our children, the future generation, of the importance of being environmentally aware global citizens.


We welcomed 20 teacher training students and their group leaders from Philadelphia last week. They were spending some time in Mary Immaculate college and paid a visit to almost all the classes and spoke to the children. They were very impressed with the children, their questions and their project work.


The DVDs of the concert have been ordered and we will let you know as soon as possible when they will be delivered.


Basketball matches were held last week between LSP and St. Pauls NS, Dooradoyle and LSP and Gaelscoil Sáirséal.

Last Tuesday we had a match against St Pauls. We played at home. I played on the 1st & 3rd quarter. We won 18-16 and I scored a layup. It was an intense match. All in all it was a good day, I really enjoyed it. David O’Donovan (VI)


LSP Past Pupils Reunion

This will take place on Saturday 18th April 2015 for all past pupils (over 18s only) and past parents/ staff in the LSP school hall and afterwards in Dolans on the Dock road. Please spread the word.


Book Launch Reminder

Carole Gurnett’s debut novel The Curtain Falls is to be launced tonight March 12th at Dooradoyle Library @ 7pm.


Second Class are working hard on an Engineering project. We have looked at engineers in our community, different types of engineers and looked into what houses may look like in the future. We created blue prints to help us plan building our houses and we’ve also used recycled materials to build models of our houses.



An Nuacht – 5th March


Volume 15, Issue 24

March 5th 2015

The photograph above was taken today as the children waited to perform our Green School water song as part of our water flag assessment. 

School is closed on Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th March


Peace Proms

Our School choir performed in the Peace Proms last Saturday night in UL Arena. It was a great opportunity to sing with 23 other primary schools. We watched the different instruments in the orchestra being played as well as some soloists playing the violin, uilleann pipes and singing. All seats were sold out and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland wrote:  ‘Huge thanks and congratulations to all school choirs who performed in Peace Proms at UL on Saturday. It was a fabulous day! Thank you for having your groups so well organised and prepared! The choirs were absolutely fantastic!! Please pass on our congratulations to them for their sparkling and brilliant performances!!’

From all the Peace Proms Team.


The launch for Carole Gurnett’s debut novel The Curtain Falls will take place at Dooradoyle Library on Thursday, March 12th. @ 7pm. All are welcome on the night! Carole’s two daughters are past pupils of the LSP and she is currently working in the After School Club.


The DVD of the Magic of the Musicals can be ordered up to next Friday 6th March. Each order must include €15 as we will only order the amount required.  Payment for the DVDs goes towards the cost of recording the concert and the sound system used.


Please let us know if your child will not be returning to LSP next year.


POD Update:

Filling in the POD form is now critical in that allocations will be based on the POD details given to DES.

DES Quote: From the 2016/2017 academic year, it is intended that teacher allocations and capitation grants will be made on the basis of POD data, and the previous basis for allocations, the National Annual School Census will cease operation from that point. Allocations for the School are based on the data received and therefore if parents do not respond the school may not get the learning support allocation we are entitled to. 


Childs jacket size 32-34 missing. It is a deep blue colour with green florescent piping, with ‘Dare to Be’ printed on it.



There are posters advertising First Aid training for parents around the school. Contact Niamh Lenihan 061 600918 or niamh@limerickchildcare.ie for booking.


LSP Parent Teacher Association News

  • There will be a meeting held on Thursday 19th March at 7pm on the pathway to seeking a Second Level Educate Together school in limerick. Parents are encouraged to attend as it is only through parental involvement that a strategy can be put in place to achieve the goal of a second level school for our children that builds on the ethos of their primary education
  • There was great feedback from the children and the staff regards the Tai Chi classes that were started last Thursday. The kids really enjoyed the learning activity.  The classes will continue for the next few weeks every Thursday.
  • The Playground Project started doing workshops with the children this week. The idea is to involve the children in ways that the playground space could be utilised through interactive workshops.  These ideas will be collated and incorporated into possibilities for the yard space as an interactive play/educational space.
  • The Plant and Cake Spring Fair will be held on the 15th May; we will be looking for parents to be involved through either baking cakes or donating plants/shrubs etc. More information to follow soon as planting will need to start in the near future so as to be ready for the fair.
  • If people are still looking for programmes from the school concert from the Lime Tree, they can be bought from Louise in her office.
  • The Parent Teacher association will be holding a “Yard Party” for the children on June 19th, this will be a fun filled day for the children and will happen during school hours.

Minutes for the Board of Management meeting in January can be found here