Tai Chi classes for the LSP children

Tai Chi Classes Beginning Thursday February 26th.

The Parent Teacher Association has organised for Tai Chi Instructor, John Sheehan, to come to the school and give Tai Chi classes to all the children. This will begin on Thursday 26th February and will run for 8-10 weeks.

On the day of the classes, the children will need to wear loose clothing and soft shoes, the pumps that they used for the Lime Tree concert would be ideal for this, or else a pair of runners. The classes will take place during school hours

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese of form of relaxed movement for children and adults. It helps improve balance, posture, flexibility, body awareness, relaxed movement, breathing, concentration, attention span and learning in a positive and fun environment.

The classes for the children in Limerick School Project will include mobility of all body joints through a large range of movement, ‘fun’ moving and standing balancing exercises including specific ‘Reeling Silk’ exercises and learning a Tai Chi form. Many of the terms and animal names of each posture will become familiar. The pupils will gradually progress from single basic postures to moving smoothly and continuously with minimum effort.

The moves learned can be practised for very short time spans of a few minutes to a full class. The fun can be shared with other pupils, teachers and the family when at home. It is a lifelong activity with many health and well-being benefits

Below are links to two youtube clips that further give insight into Tai Chi and its benefits for children.

Tai Chi for Kids – everyone has fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaZwO3Z8k0s

Tai Chi 4 Kidz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cANSD9G6Wc

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