Last Friday the 19th of June saw LSP round of its 25th year celebrations with a wonderful Yard Party. All the children at LSP were thoroughly entertained by Puppeteers from Honest Arts,  Aaron Lewis AKA Aaron the Balloon Man, Leon the Magician, and a troupe of face painters. There were giant games of Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, Snap, and hopscotch in which the children themselves were the pieces. Chalk drawing which started out on the yard ground rapidly moved to the walls of the yard to the delight of the children. Treats included a bag of party nibbles, popcorn, candy floss  and to top it all off an ice cream van handed out 99’s to all.

A fabulous celebration was had by all. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who turned up on the day and helped to turn the yard into a truly festive zone. For all the commitment and hard work, it is very much appreciated and was reflected in the delight of all the children and the teachers.

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