Here are some of the favourite things we enjoyed learning about in Third Class during Term 2!

February was Black History month in our class. Throughout the month the pupils have been learning about significant individuals in Black History, for example, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. English classes have focused on fiction and non-fiction literature telling the stories of those who have lived this history. Music classes looked at the history of Blues and Jazz in the United States.

The final week saw a focus on New Orleans – the geography, history, culture, cuisine and music of the city and area were discussed and recreated. The pupils went on a virtual walking tour of the city and watched local news broadcasts of the Mardi Gras parade from last Tuesday.

On Friday the class held their own Mardi Gras! The pupils dressed in bright clothing, some brought masks and other adornments. Their teacher Robbie brought in some vinyl records of music from The Big Easy (check out The Meters, Dr. John and the Hot 8 Brass Band, big favourites!). New Orleans-style Jambalaya was also served up! After a quiz about New Orleans, the pupils made their own Mardi Gras posters and sang along to the classic When the Saints Go Marching In while Robbie played the saxophone. A great time was had by all!

In April we have been learning about the Global Goals – a set of commitments made by world leaders to make our world a better place by 2030. Pupils used the school iPads to research and present their findings on a poster which we displayed in our classroom in our Learn Together area.

In May we took part in the Different Families, Same Love competition. This involved us learning about the different types of family units that we see in Ireland today. We celebrated the diversity of people and families in Ireland and learned about how to address homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. Here’s a sample of the work we did!