Trip to Westfields

4th and 5th Class went to Westfields on Monday with Geoff Hunt.

The first thing we saw at Westfields was reeds, which are the tallest grass in Ireland and we saw a bulrush. I found out that plants give water birds food, homes and oxygen. Water plants filter the water and help to keep it clean. Water plants include bulrush and reeds.

We got to look through binoculars, and we saw loads of birds like ducks, swans, pochard and a tufted duck. I found out that ducks and swans have webbed feet. Some ducks can dive underwater to eat underwater creatures. These include a pochard and a tufted duck. Dabbling ducks can not dive under water. These include a mallard and a shoveler.

Thanks to Geoff for being our guide and to Orla as well for coming along. Altogether, we had a great day.

By Brian