Waste Free Lunches

Dear Parents/Guardians

Two years ago, as part of our work on Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Green Schools, we highlighted the importance  of us all doing our best to bring waste-free lunches (where possible) to school.   As part of our Action Day for Biodiversity on February 7th we are reminding our whole school community of the importance of this practice and hoping that we can all join together making the best effort we can to minimise the amount of waste that lunch boxes generate. 

Some tips:  

A waste-free lunch may include:

  • Reusable lunch bag/box, Reusable sandwich container, Reusable drink container
  • Reusable containers (for veggies, yogurt, snacks), Reusable cutlery, Whole fruit

A waste-free lunch does not include:

  • A paper or plastic lunch bag, Sandwich baggies, Individually wrapped lunches and snacks, Disposable cutlery

Some inspiration: 


Packing a waste-free lunch for your child not only helps cut down on the amount of waste we generate, it also helps children learn about the importance of making the 3Rs a part of their daily routine.   We would strongly advise the purchasing of a reusable drink bottle.  Many children already have this and it is a great way of cutting down on the disposing of plastic bottles, and of certain drinks cartons that cannot be recycled.    

Here are some photos taken of waste free lunches in LSP the last time we did a whole school promotion on waste free lunches:

 Thank you for your support,  the Green School Committee on behalf of LSP.