Who will be First in 1st?

Last week we had so much fun learning our ordinal numbers in maths. We learned that we can write them in two different ways: 1st/First; 2nd/Second; 3rd/Third, etc. We played a memory game with our partners in which we could keep the cards if we could remember where the ordinal number matches were. Some very clever pupils pointed out that many of our ordinal numbers have our sound of the week at the end of the word (th)!

In the picture above, we’re combining maths and P.E. in the halla. Each group is racing to bring back an ordinal number card, one at a time, back to their group’s hula hoop. In our game, the first group to put all the ordinal numbers in order is 1st, the second group to do it is 2nd, the third group is 3rd – you get the idea! It was great to see such wonderful teamwork and athleticism while learning our maths.