Yard Games in Third

On our first day back to school in Third Class we took advantage of the lovely weather and went to the yard to play Tic Tac Toe, or  Ikiato as it is also known.  We have great fun playing this strategic game.  Here are the instructions if you would like to play at home.


Equipment:  A sheet of paper/yard, six counters, 3 of each colour. (or bottle tops/stones etc) Pencil/Chalk

Age group:  Five and upwards

Players:  Two

Scene/Setting:  Indoors or outdoors

How to play:  Children draw a four-sided figure (a square). It is then divided into four equal parts with lines that cross at the centre, then divided further by two lines that cross at the centre and end in the corners. The final figure has nine points. Each player places his/her stones or bottle stopper alternately on vacant points on the figure in an effort to get them in a straight line, or to prevent the opponent from so doing. The child who first gets his stoppers or stones in a straight line wins. Note: Stoppers/stones may be moved around the board, on the straight line adjoining, to a vacant position. No jumping over opponent’s stoppers/stones is allowed. 

Mathematical relevance: Appreciation of straight lines, centre of a line, a point through which several lines pass, and develops a strategic approach to problem solving. Teaches drawing and counting skills. Teaches shapes – rectangle, triangle. 

Social behaviour:  Setting one’s goals and overcoming challenges to achieve them.