Some Highlights of Term 1 and 2

Some Highlights of Term 1 and 2

Here are some of the highlights from Term 1 and 2 this year!

Maths Week

Each morning we played Maths games including dice games, board games, puzzles and online games (Pig is their favourite, check it out!! - The Interactive White Board has got a good run out too, Hit the Button is a big hit! We

also tried the numbers game from Countdown in class and shared our favourite Maths jokes... here's Marianne's one - Why did the jellybean go

to school? Because he wanted to be a smartie!


In the weeks before the winter break, Third Class studied the 17th century Japanese poetic form Haiku. The Haiku has a very specific form of syllabic structure on each line... explained by Bruce in his Haiku, so now you know!

Haiki About a Haiku
by Bruce Borkowski

First, there is a five

Second, there is a seven

Third, there is a five

Another Haiku composition that was well received by the class and their teacher was:

Puppy's Chew Everything
by Brídín O'Malley and Arielle Kahiga-Mescall

You chew up my shoes

You chew up my sofa bed

Why did I buy you?


The pupils also studied poems about Winter, the New Year and Resolutions. Some of the poems we have looked at include Aide-Mémoire and Snow Poem by Brian Bilston, and Robert Fisher's hilarious My New Year's Resolutions (check it out!). As part of their homework, the pupils had to write out their resolutions in poetic form.

Here is Lucas Massey's My New Year's Resolutions poem:

I made my resolution at the end of December,

What it is I can't quite remember.

Maybe it was something to do with my habits

Or to stop smuggling home bunny rabbits.

As I sat down for dinner on New Year's Day

I remembered it was to put my pants on the right way!!

And instead of putting them on my little head

I would put them on the right way instead


Navya Pastagaia produced this beautiful piece of poetry, please enjoy.

New Year's Resolutions by Navya Pastagaia

With each New Year

We dream and we hope

Abandon fear

Know we will cope

We promise ourselves

A better life

We'll tidy shelves

Abolish strife

We'll own the day

We'll lose the weight

We'll walk away

Food on the plate

Establish goals

Plot fresh pathways

Enact strict tolls

Pray sunny days


Irish Sign Language Classes

Third Class took part in an eight-week block of Sign Language classes with Mary Kiely. They learned the alphabet, how to sign their names, family, hobbies, favourite foods. Thanks to Mary for all her help, we really enjoyed it!

Some Highlights of Term 1 and 2
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