Third Class

There was excitement abound in Third Class on Tuesday November 29th as we had a day away from the books! We took part in the Made of Earth and Clay Through the Ages STEAM Education Programme in the Hunt Museum. An interactive and practical tour, we experienced ceramics through the senses, VR and games. The first activity was a workshop based around using their creative and artistic skills and working with clay to create personalised tiles.

After that, the pupils moved rooms and learned about Clay Throughout the Ages. They were shown different types of pottery that would have been used to hold water throughout history and worked on trying to design their own modern watering pot – some great ideas were proposed!

Next, the children worked collaboratively on a Museum in a Box activity which involved exploring different ceramic objects from throughout history and gathering information on them. Lastly, probably the highlight of the tour was a Virtual Reality experience on the history of the Willow Pattern. Using a futuristic looking headset and earphones, the pupils were transported to a world that constantly changed colour, pattern, shape and viewpoint – it was “soooo cool” was the general consensus!

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